Temples in Phuket

Explore the rich culture and traditions of this amazing island by visiting some of the most famous and exotic temples in Phuket. Buddhism being the main religion that is followed by the local population, you will find several beautifully constructed Buddhist temples all across the city. The sheer architectural beauty and elegant features of these structures are bound to take your breath away even before you set foot inside them. Wat Kho Rang, Jui Tui Shrine, Wat Phra Thong, and Wat Srisoonthorn are some of the best temples in Phuket which you must visit with your family. Witness the beautiful Golden Pagoda of Wat Chalong which also contains a splinter of Lord Buddha’s bone.

Admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the Big Buddha, the stunning backdrop of the Wat Khao Rang, and the mesmerizing history behind the construction of the Phra Nang Sang Temple. If you are looking for temples located in uniquely beautiful settings, you should head to the Kiew Tien Keng which is located near the seashore. The Wat Suwan Khiri Khet and Wat Bang Riang are two other religious places that are located on a beach and a beautiful hilltop respectively.

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Wat Chalong

Visit one of the most popular temples in Phuket known for its impressive interior and striking architecture. It is one of the largest in the city and attracts hundreds of devotees from all over the country every day. Immerse yourself in the beauty and adornment of the edifice comprising about three dozen Buddha statues in intricate gold carvings. Apart from this, there is also an awe-inspiring serpent banister of stone and lotus ponds near the five story high main structure.

Phuket Big Buddha

Explore one of the most revered temples in Phuket which is known for its imposing structural beauty. The massive statue of Buddha is carved out entirely in white marble and reaches a height of almost 45 meters, visible from most parts of the town. Marvel at the beautiful craftsmanship and sheer dedication of the artists behind the creation of this idol perched high atop a famous peak of Phuket above Chalong Bay. The sight of the statue against a backdrop of the Andaman Sea and the southern islands is absolutely breathtaking.

Wat Khao Rang

Home to the large and famous golden statue of the sitting Buddha, this is among the best temples in Phuket for its picturesque setting. It's historical because such a large statue of Lord Buddha was established for the first time on the island. Located in the midst of lush green vegetation, this temple is a popular tourist destination and is frequented by locals and visitors alike. Soak in the quiet charm and tranquility of the surrounding of this temple on the slopes of the popular Khao Rang hills.

Jui Tui Shrine

Explore this traditional Chinese temple that is primarily known for its role in the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival. This is one of the most spiritually rich temples in Phuket as well as among the oldest and most respected places of worship. Founded over a century ago, the Taoist shrine was moved from the Phuket Old Town to this site after a massive fire. Walk through the temple grounds enjoying looking at old photos of the place when it was merely a standalone construction.

Wat Phra Thong

Literally meaning the Golden Buddha Image Temple, the Wat Phra Thong temple is a legendary structure because of its mesmerizing history. It is believed that the statue of the majestic golden Buddha here was accidentally discovered amidst the garden and it was so heavy that it could it be moved. Due to the same reason, this became one of the most revered temples in Phuket that holds a special place in the hearts of the local population.

Wat Srisoonthorn

Get enchanted by the majestic sights of the reclining Golden Buddha statue at one of the most popular temples in Phuket. Exult in the spectacular views of the area before entering the grand temple with lush green foliage and tall shady trees. Learn more about the Pang Sai Yat posture or the posture in which Buddha is attaining Nirvana. Stroll through the temple grounds to witness other interesting tattoos of pink elephants as well as the legendary Pret or demon ghost.

Wat Phra Nang Sang

Take a tour of one of the oldest temples in Phuket that goes back almost 545 years but still stands strong. Literally translating, ‘temple built by a queen’, this rich edifice is adorned with beautiful golden statues of Lord Buddha and murals that feature the traditional Thai culture. Delve into the rich history of the temple that is surrounded by a massive open space that is said to be that battleground to prevent Burmese invasion into the country.

Kiew Tien Keng Shrine

Considered one of the most beautiful Phuket temples, Kiew Tien Keng is a definite must-visit place if you wish to understand the richness of the local culture and tradition. Located on the Saphan Hin Park in the main town, this shrine is set against a scenic backdrop of the hills and the sea. Its proximity to the seashore makes it the final point of departure of all deities back to their heavenly abodes on the final night of the Vegetarian Festival.

Wat Suwan Khirikhet

Popularly known as the Wat Karon temple, this is among the most visually stunning temples in Phuket with its vibrantly colored shrine. Located on the busy Patak Road near Karon Beach, the temple attracts several visitors throughout the day not only for its spiritual significance but also exquisite artwork. Admire the beautiful interior paintings that depict Buddha's life apart from the two giant snakes at the entrance and other figurines that are tucked in various corners of the temple.

Wat Kathu

Discover the original home of the famous Vegetarian Festival of Phuket that relays a long and intriguing history. Learn about the interesting way this temple and the Vegetarian festival originated after a famous opera visited town many centuries ago and members of the group started falling ill. It was after a vegetarian diet ceremony was held that the deteriorating health conditions started to improve. Witness the locals celebrating this annual festival here with great pomp and show.

Wat Cherngtalay
Wat Cherngtalay

Explore the five prominent buildings that comprise this temple complex, which is also believed to be one of the most spiritual Phuket temples. Take a look at the delicate architectural features and decorative work of these structures that goes back hundreds of years. Witness the ease with which the temple blends both Buddhist and Hindu detailing. You can see the use of frescoes depicting the life of Lord Buddha and massive paintings of Lord Ganesha alongside Sanskrit mantras inscribed in different parts of the temple.

Wat Bang Riang
Wat Bang Riang

Head to this beautiful structure perched atop the mesmerizingly green Khao Lan Mountain making it one of the most stunning Phuket temples. Enjoy looking at the marvelous seated golden Buddha image apart from a large statue of Kwam Im who is the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. The temple also features the most exquisite workmanship in its fine Thai architecture as well as smaller images of Buddha in different postures and styles, all across the premise.

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    The Wat Chalong or Chalong Temple is one of the largest temples in Phuket as well as the most visited by locals as well as tourists. The rich history of this site along with its grand scale and distinct architecture makes it an epitome of the country’s culture and tradition.

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