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About Patong Beach

‘Phuket’ comprises the super-amazing places and golden sand of 3 km Patong - a famous beach. Enjoy the special services. The beachfront bars and restaurants are commendable as they offer delicious international cuisine and simple Thai. Moreover, the more relaxed area around the beach is lined with massage parlors and snacks and drinks stalls. Patong Beach Phuket’s northern part covers a sandy creek with a transparent season and shallow water, and the southern part includes several fishing boat anchors.

A suggested time to visit the beach is between November and April; this time the sea is calm and flat in its behaviour. Otherwise, the sea experiences heavy waves and dangerous swells between May and October. Apart from the beach day visit, the legendary wild nightlife is commendable. There’s a long list of things in Patong. The rest? Need not worry, as plenty of foot massages are available near the sea. Everyone enjoys the crowd regardless of age, gender, and religion. One visit makes a person understand its popularity instantly!

Highlights Of Patong Beach

  • The beach provides dining facilities, from Haad Patong Alley to Prachanukhro road, and almost the roadside has several stalls and good restaurants.
  • Everything is available from public toilets to parking spaces and asks for a small penny for usage. However, due to the crowds, one can visit in the morning to find the right spot.
  • Jet skiing and parasailing operators can be found mainly around the Bangla road or every 100 metres distance. Besides banana boat rides, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and waterskiing are also available.
  • One can find snorkelling with their vendors at the northern end. And the massage facility is available right in the shaded areas, which usually starts from 200 baht.

Activities To Do In Patong Beach

The initial success card of Patong beach's popularity goes to two things: one is its fabulous beach, and the other is its nightlife. A heavy crowd could be witnessed to perform the number of activities available on Patong beach. Here’s a brief discussion on the actions that will force you to think of it once.


When a person is physically feeling intense excitement, a Parasailing activity can be an excellent choice. The right time to act is from 7 am to 7 pm, and the price range starts from 800 Thai bahts. Several travel companies accommodate the parasailing activity near the beach. One is provided with the life jacket, parachute, and an instructor to instruct throughout. A person has an opportunity to get a mesmerising view of the sea on the beach, filled with thrill; you can forget what-ifs of life.


The best exposure location nearby Patong beach for water practitioners is Kayak. The new site provides quality and self-learning through kayaking and viewing beautiful tunnels, lagoons, and caves.

If anyone is looking to enjoy the night view, one can go kayaking under the night sky full of twinkling stars and a beautiful moon.

Other than that, the pleasant time to perform the activity is in the morning with the calm weather. The fun activity allows a person to play with the double bladder paddle. Moreover, it is also beneficial for cardiovascular fitness.


Bangkok is the life of snorkelling water activity across the globe, and a person can do both snorkel swimming and diving on the surface of the water. The training allows a person to visualise the water bodies just beneath the surface of the water.

Some of the best spots for the activity are Laem ka Beach, Nai Harn Beach, kata Noi Beach, and Paradise Beach in Phuket. All the areas are rich in water biodiversity so that a person can view all the species.

The activity is instructed by a professional throughout the time for each step, so if you’re a beginner, there is no need to worry.


A diversification in dining is available in the locality of the beach. From lavish restaurants such as Bosphorous Turkish Restaurant, Sala Bua Restaurant, Blue Mango Bar, and many more to small shacks, here’s a variety. Restaurants are pocket-friendly and delicious.

A person can randomly order anything, and indeed it’ll leave remarkable footprints. Visiting Patong Beach Phuket is never regretted by anyone due to its impressive visiting spots and delicious cuisines. No one can ignore street food provided by the vendors hygienically and presentably.

Food is magic; one can forget the visited places but not the taste enjoyed at a particular location.

Jet Skiing

Generally, people like to experience Jet Skiing here. They are more excited to create their waves at affordable rates. Plenty of skis are accessible right at the sea spot to hire and enjoy the ride safely.

It’s considered a primary to-do activity in Patong; one can experience the freedom to create its beauty. If you’re bold enough to perform this activity, you’re suggested to perform. Apart from Patong beach, the other spots to perform Jet Skiing are Bangtao, Kata, Kamala, and Karon beaches. Although an instructor would be there to guide you throughout the activity, self-precautions and smartness are essential to avoid any injury or miss happening.

Banana Boat Ride

Phuket vacation invites a person to enjoy all the thrilling rides and not forget the Banana Boat Ride. Enjoy the unique water speed activity, where 5-6 members can ride over the banana-shaped boat together.

This activity is mainly organised on Coral island, located in the southern part of Phuket. But, it’s also the foremost reason Phuket is gaining immense popularity. And, it’s exclusively organised here all over the world.

This recreational activity provides extreme satisfaction as one can avail of the offer more excitingly via the beach.


Water Skiing activity can lead you to self-obtaining pleasure; this activity takes place 6 kilometres away from Patong Beach Phuket. Water ski lake is known as a global hub for water skiing. Enthusiastic water lovers worldwide have come a long way to enjoy the activity during their vacations.

This is the most loveable activity so a massive crowd can be seen any day. So, the several spots are too accessible for the similarly adventurous in Phuket, such as Phi Phi Island, Coral Island, and many more. Still, water skiing is a famous and frequently visited spot by water lovers.


Another adrenaline rush of witnessing adventure in Phuket is Wakeboarding. The other reason Patong is to be most famous is because it is one of the most pleasurable activities that is liked and experienced by everyone.

It’s easy to understand and follow the activity; other than that, an instructor is assigned to guide throughout the task. In addition, several other artificial spots to perform the Wakeboarding, such as Anthem Wake Park and Phuket Wake Park. Here, the prices are minimal.

The highlighted feature about the adventure is that it’s enjoyed by both the beginner and an expert in any weather condition.


Another excellent water sport is Windsurfing, where a person rides on a surfboard, and wind navigation direction assists in moving it ahead. So, the best time to perform the activity is between November and February, when the wind is steady.

The best spots to perform the activity are Kite Zone Phuket, SSS Phuket Dive and Surf Centre, SUP Club, Skyla’s Surf, and many more. Other than these, Patong beach and Kata beach suggest trying your hand at windsurfing.

An instructor is always along to instruct during the journey, so there is no need to worry about anything and just enjoy the ride.

Why Visit Patong Beach

  • The finest world destination Phuket carries tastes and budgets, several choices of rides, hundreds of hotels to go in, and plenty of partying options.
  • Aside from visiting the fantastic attractions, there’s always something to do and see on.
  • Phuket has many shopping destinations, from traditional handicrafts to modern artworks.
  • Patong beach includes a number of natural and man-made attractions that are affordable.
  • Patong covers an attractive range of places suitable for families, couples, and self visit.
  • Visiting Patong beach can be a refreshing and rejuvenating choice to avoid stress and bring peace to mind and life.

Know Before You Visit Patong Beach

Essential Information
How To Reach Patong Beach

Location: Phuket beach is 48 kilometres long and 21 kilometres wide, so no one is ever away from the sea. Phuket is located in Southern Thailand, which sits on the Andaman Sea, and the best destination to stay in is Patong.

Best time to visit: The right and suggested time to reach Patong Beach Phuket is November and February, as it’s drier and the monsoon gets over. It’s the best time to enjoy the water sports activities.

Takis and Tuk-Tuks are convenient modes to travel near the island. Also, the taxis and motorbikes options are available (but expensive) that will take you directly to the destination.

Although ordinary taxis are difficult to find in Phuket, the fair will be pricier than the metered taxis. Or, if one needs to go with the fixed or metered taxis, then it’s the standard transport option. Grab is a helpful application to pick up and call your desired taxi at your given location.

Patong Beach FAQs

What makes Patong beach so famous?

Patong has everything unique, so it’s famous worldwide, such as white sands, nodding palm trees, glittering seas, and lively towns. Apart from several dining options (both lavish restaurants and street foods), hundreds of hotels to select from, plenty of partying options, many sports activities, and many more. Moreover, Phuket beach includes poolside bars, giving a big joyful moment to capture.

Is Patong beach safe for swimming?

Yes, Paton beach is safe for swimming. It has some rough days, but it’s safe to swim on the beach as several guards are available to guide, and swimming between the flags is highly recommended. The safety measures are priorly taken; though it’s safe to swim, self-precautions should be taken.

Are there resorts on Patong beach?

There are several lavish resorts on Patong beach, such as Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Oceanfront beach resort, Amari Phuket, Four points by Sheraton Phuket, and many more. Once a person visits Patong beach, all the alternatives are lined up in one line, from luxurious to ordinary. Therefore, one can pick the resort according to their budget.

What is the best time to visit Patong beach?

A suggested time to visit the beach is between November and April; this time the sea is calm and flat in its behaviour. To make a Phuket destination happy, one should strictly visit between the recommended period as this is the right and best time to enjoy the sports rides.

Are there places to go shopping near Patong beach?

Patong Beach Phuket has a wide variety of shopping destinations, from open area markets to noisy markets, street walls to modern western shops. A variety of traditional handicrafts, attractively designed clothing, antiques, jewellery, and homeware items are available to take your home. One will regret not bringing the enormous suitcase to carry the shopping materials.

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