Kayaking In Phuket

About Kayaking In Phuket

Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore an island, especially the islands in Phuket. This adventurous water sport lets you explore every sea cave, sea rocks, limestone karsts, and whatnot. While you are on your escapade of island hopping, you can admire the beautiful limestone cliffs and the unrivaled beauty of the beaches. This adventure offers a range of activities like swimming and snorkeling at Khai Island, sunbathing on the Lawa Island, walking along the seashore at Yanui Beach, and more.

The islands areso magnificent that it would take more than just a walk around to explore these beauties. However, kayaking for one is a great way to discover the island of Phuket. Exploring the sea caves and rocks, exotic beaches, and those gorgeous limestone karsts is what makes this water sport stimulating and wholesome. Kayaking in Phuket, in fact, is so prominent that there are kayaks available for lease on almost every beach there is. It is advised to be associated with an adventure sports package in Phuket that comes with a kayak to see the sights. You can avail kayak rentals on all the primary islands or beaches in Phuket and set out on a dreamy journey with plenty of fun and adventures.

Why Book Kayaking In Phuket?

Booking an online Kayaking in Phuket ticket is fairly an easier and quicker option than booking a ticket in person as you get to avoid waiting in long queues at the ticket counter. Not only do you get to book a ticket in the comfort of your home, but you can also avail of exciting offers and discounts over your ticket, making your trip as budget-friendly as possible. You can also easily cancel your booking as there is no hassle in canceling an online ticket.

  • Spend a day trip paddling through the limestone cliffs and sea caves on the Phang Nga National Park and kayaking all the way to the tiny islands it hosts.
  • Admire the tall rock cliffs on the famous James Bond Island while kayaking and click pictures with the colossal limestone karsts serving as a backdrop.
  • Don’t miss out on a delicious buffet lunch that is served with utmost pleasure on board and chomp on some flavorsome refreshments and snacks.
  • Walk around the gem of an island called the Phuk Lagoons and enjoy kayaking to the sea caves that may appear ghostly.
  • Swimming and snorkeling at Khai Island and Phi Phi Island, which also provide a great drop for sunbathing.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off facility on a shared basis from every hotel located in Phuket.
  • Scrumptious lunch buffet with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu options.
  • Refreshment and unlimited beverages while kayaking.
  • An English speaking professional guide or staff to help you throughout your excursion.
  • Sightseeing to islands like Ko Rang Yai, Hong Island, James Bond Beach, Phang Nga Bay, Panak Island, and Lawa Island.
  • An eight-hour adventurous trip to the islands and beaches and activities like snorkeling and kayaking.

Best Places For Kayaking in Phuket

Kayaking in Phuket is not just any random activity as it’s an exciting adventure that lets you explore the whole lot of Phuket Islands and not just kayaking. There are several other activities you can do at these exotic beaches like swimming, diving, snorkeling, or walking on the shore. From canoeing in the Phang Nga Bay National Park, sunbathing in the Yao Noi Island to kayaking in the Phi Phi Island; there is no end to the adventure one can have in Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay National Park

Set in the Strait of Malacca, the beautiful Phang Nga Bay National Park is a paradise surrounded by beautiful views, alluring visitors from all over the world. Not only does this island let you explore the natural wildlife, but also offer exciting water adventure sports like canoeing and kayaking. The best way to explore the island is to go kayaking with friends. Furthermore, you can also explore underwater marine life through kayaking as Phang Nga Bay is famous for being a coral island. Not to mention, Phang Nga Bay is said to be one of the best backdrops for photography.

James Bond Island

The island gets its name from the famous Hollywood movie shooting of ‘The Man and the Golden Gun’, and as the name suggests, it was a James Bond motion picture. Make the most of this island by opting for a kayaking package and explore every corner of the island. The beautiful island looks exactly like they show it in the movie. The James Bond Island's outstanding feature is its pristine limestone cliffs that rise dramatically from the turquoise aqua water and the fact that this island has remained untainted by civilization with no inhabitants. It is the greatest place for passionate couples to go kayaking and discover solitude amid the secluded islands, and of course, a great location for photography.

. Mangrove Channel Phuket

Mangrove Channel is where you can find yourself connecting with nature and make the best out of it. You can take pleasure in the exotic swamps and thick mangroves in the island of Phuket by opting for an appealing kayaking adventure through the Klong Mudong Canal. Behold the magical Mangrove Channel, including native wildlife such as snakes, macaques, and birds. Take still videos of these lush green mangroves while going by tandem kayaking. The best time to visit mangrove channel Phuket is when it experiences light showering and a pleasant climate, making this island much more pristine. While you are kayaking in the channel, you even get to see monkeys who might come to your kayak, however, it is advised not to feed or interact with them. Come for the best experience of kayaking and it works even better if you stay in the main channel line only.

Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea Kayak has been offering sea canoe, kayaking, speed boating, and river rafting tours since 1991. Set in the western side of Phuket, the Andaman Sea lets you have the best experience of water sports adventures if you want to visit the Kata Beach. You can spend a great day in the Andaman Sea Kayak that offers amusement and adventure while discovering beautiful and scenic beaches, interesting caves, and limestone cliffs. If you don’t know how to swim, you can decide on swim vests and life-saving gears. The best way to explore the Andaman Sea is by going on a tandem kayaking and catching a break for a delicious lunch buffet.

Yao Noi Island

Nestled between Krabi and Phuket Island, the Yao Noi Island is a beautiful Island and it takes a remote kayaking trip from Phuket Island to reach Yao Noi Island in the Andaman Sea. Try going for an island hopping excursion from one island to another. If you choose to visit Yao Noi Island during the summer season, you’ll find that the sea is mostly quiet with clearer sky, making it a perfect day choice for kayaking. Apart from kayaking, Yao Noi Island offers a great photogenic setting, sapphire gushing waters, and deluxe accommodations. The best time to go kayaking from Phuket is during the summer months of December to March.

Raya Noi

One of the major islands in Thailand, Raya Noi is a little Island set at a distance of 12-km from Phuket and stretches in the direction of Southern Phuket Island. Widely popular as the Pirates Island, Raya Noi is where you can choose from multiple water sports adventures like swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and speed boating as the island possesses superficial seawater. Raya Noi is always packed with tourists exploring the island, so it’s never a dull moment on the island. Since this is a coral island, you can easily observe the aquatic life underwater through a kayaking escapade.

Phi Phi Island

Famous for its pristine and blue-emerald beaches, the Phi Phi Island in Phuket is the perfect spot for kayaking. The island doesn’t need any introduction since this island was featured in Leonado di Caprio’s The Beach, and since then, the island has become a prominent tourist attraction. Kayaking through the changing colors of the water, sandstone karsts, rugged formations, and white sand beaches is an escapade that provides enormous enjoyment and relaxation. Since the island is isolated, it is the ideal place to go kayaking and afterwards rest or sunbathe. Swimming is also possible in the sparkling fresh water.

Yanui Beach

The beautiful Yanui Beach is an isolated beach located in Phuket. Although you can explore the beach by walking along the seashore or relaxing at the beach, kayaking in the sea is probably the best way of exploring the island. The beachfront is where you can get your kayak equipment at rentals. The pristine beach has an uneven beachfront with postcard perfect appearance with its palm-fringed beaches, uneven seashore, gently sloping hills, and superficial seawater. After a thrilling kayaking escapade, step on the beach to relax and have your refreshments, snacks, and lunch buffet.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is a small resort town in Phuket and the best beach to relish in several lively activities to keep the visitors entertained. Imagine going kayaking during the night and sailing under the shining night sky. If this fascinates you, then you should check out kayaking in Patong Beach during the summer season- from December to March. Patong Beach is separated from the main road by a row of coconut, palm, and tropical almond trees, making it a postcard beach for pictures. You’ll find a few kiosks selling local snacks and drinks, along with some massage parlors to have a relaxed trip at the beach. Apart from kayaking, you can opt for fishing and crab hunting.

Know Before Book Kayaking In Phuket

  • Kayaking in Phuket is not a self-paddle tour as the tour is led by a professional guide or staff who paddles through.
  • You have to arrive on time for your trip; however, the kayaking time will depend on the tides, weather, and equipment maintenance or safety protocols.
  • Before booking your tickets to kayaking in Phuket, make sure to carefully choose your vegetarian or non-vegetarian options in your lunch buffet. Also mention your dietary requirements while booking.
  • Kayaking is not wheelchair handy.
  • Wear comfortable clothes while opting for kayaking.
  • The best time to go kayaking is from December to March.
  • Bring your camera or camcorder to click pictures or shoot videos. You can also bring drones, but it's advised to not fly them higher or in the limestone cliffs.


What makes kayaking such a popular activity in Phuket?

Kayaking in Phuket is a popular activity amongst tourists as beaches like islands like Andaman Sea, James Bond Island, or Phi Phi Island can be better explored on a kayak.

Is it safe for kids to be involved in Kayaking activities in Phuket?

Yes, kayaking in Phuket is safe for children above 12-years-old who can swim. However, it’s not a compulsion to learn how to swim as you can go for tandem kayaking.

What is the best time to do Kayaking in Phuket?

The best time to go kayaking in Phuket is during the summer season- from December to March due to the weather being dry and worthy of casual sunbathing, kayaking, snorkeling, or swimming.

What are the precautions taken to ensure safe kayaking in Phuket?

Kayaking or canoeing is an adventure water sport that may cause minor injuries on shoulders or wrist. You should take safety precautions like wearing a life jacket, gloves, and helmet. You should also take necessary lessons for paddling and safety procedures.

Are the trainers certified to guide us for kayaking in Phuket?

Yes, the trainers are certified to guide you for kayaking in Phuket. Kayaking is not a self-paddle tour; you will have an experienced guide paddle you through.

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