ATV Ride In Phuket

About ATV Ride In Phuket

An excellent approach to discovering Phuket Island's rainforest is to take an ATV tour. Therefore, Phuket ATV offers a distinctive and varied all-terrain vehicle trip if you're seeking a novel approach to discovering the natural wonders of the provinces of Phuket and Phangnga. You may have an exciting and risk-free journey through genuine, untamed jungles, interact with locals, visit farms, plantations, and dark mangrove woods, and find a secret waterfall and undeveloped beach. At Cape Yamu on Phuket Island's east coast, you may leave the main path and enter the jungle. The Private Phuket Sightseeing tours make a great addition to ATV trips.

These trips aim to show all outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers the hidden side of Phuket and Phangnga provinces. Beginners are invited to join the ATV Ride Phuket starting at age 8 in Phuket and age 12 in Phangnga. You have the ideal chance to take the family on a fun and exciting excursion. You can seek the help of a skilled English-speaking tour guide so that you can drive the car with ease and learn about the areas you go to. To participate in this unique trip, no prior riding experience is necessary.

Why Book ATV Ride In Phuket?

There are many reasons why you should book an ATV ride in Phuket. By taking a thrilling ATV ride you get a chance to explore Phuket in a whole new way. There are different activities available that have their own unique experience. You can enjoy the wind rustling while taking in Phuket's breathtaking views. When you ride these powerful ATVs around the Thai forest with buddies, it will surely give you an adrenaline boost. You can feel the rush as you ride through Phuket's lush mountains. You get to try out the various zip line platforms to overcome your fear of heights.

Highlights of ATV Ride in Phuket
Inclusions of ATV Ride in Phuket
  • Paradise Atv Adventure in Phuket offers an unusually exciting ATV ride through the forest.
  • With the help of a skilled English-speaking guide, explore the Big Buddha's stunning scenery and discover the culture.
  • Enjoy some delicious complimentary seasonal fresh fruit lunches to make the most of your visit to Phuket.
  • ATV Ride with pick-up and drop-off service and several timing options of 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours.
  • A 30-minute or 1-hour ATV trip with a zipline and pick-up and drop-off service in a small air-conditioned bus.
  • A 30-minute activity that includes both a zip line and elephant trekking with pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services for an hour on an ATV and 30 minutes on an elephant.
  • You will also receive a test ride, instructors, refreshing water to drink, and a range of on- and off-road routes for your facility, in addition to registration and tour orientation briefings. For your comfort and pleasant travel, restrooms, parking spaces, internet, and medications are also accessible.

ATV Ride Phuket Package Options

30 Minutes ATV Tour in Phuket

You can experience the unique 30 minutes ATV ride in Phuket in this tour package. This includes an exciting ride through the forest with a touch of nature, the beauty of the trees, and twists and turns that will offer you an exhilarating ride. The route here may be muddy or rocky. You can join this trip to enjoy an ATV ride in Phuket in a forest on off-road terrain. You can also hire a professional English-speaking tour guide's help so that you can drive the car with ease and learn about the locations you visit. You can also enjoy complimentary seasonal fresh fruit meals after the ATV Ride Phuket.

1 Hour ATV Tour In Phuket

This is a package that includes a 1 hour ATV tour in Phuket. On this tour, you can enjoy muddy and dirt-covered rides. You can find the hidden beach by navigating a few slightly rocky routes and navigating a deep mangrove jungle. You can register yourself at the camp itself. You get to see the rubber plantations, palm gardens, and insect-eating plants. You will be asked to put on your safety equipment and go through the instructor's pre-ride safety briefing and program orientation. You will also have to exercise and train under the supervision of staff and a guide on a pleasant, simple trail close to the camp. This tour package includes refreshments, including cool drinks and fresh fruit available back at camp.

1.5 Hour ATV Tour + Visiting Big Buddha

This tour package includes a special 1.5-hours ATV ride to Phuket for your enjoyment, along with a visit to the Big Buddha. This entails a thrilling trip through the woods with a touch of nature, the elegance of the trees, and detours that will provide you with an incredible experience. The path here could be rocky or slippery. You can go on this adventure if you want to ride an ATV off-road in a forest. A knowledgeable English-speaking guide will assist you in exploring the Big Buddha's beautiful splendour and discovering the local culture. Following the tour, you may also take advantage of free seasonal fresh fruit dinners.

2 Hours ATV Tour In Phuket

This is a package that includes a 2 hours ATV ride Phuket. Tour continues from the 1-hour ATV tour schedule, with a short break of 5-10mins. You may ride in muddy and dirt regions. You must go through a dense mangrove jungle on this tour's moderately rocky routes in order to reach the undiscovered beach. The plant that eats insects, rubber plantations, and a palm garden is also seen. You may take a strenuous ride through a dense jungle, climbing and descending hills, and travel beside a mangrove swamp where you can come across monkeys and monitor lizards. The second hour is more sophisticated. The tour guide will direct you to tracks that are appropriate for you based on your skill level and ability. You can enjoy refreshments, fresh fruits, and cold beverages back at the camp.

2-Hour ATV Ride + Visiting Big Buddha

With this trip package, you may go on an extremely exciting ATV 2 hours ride through the jungle at Paradise Atv Adventure, in addition to going to the Big Buddha. It's the ideal chance for you to take the family on a fun and exciting adventure. Here, the route may be rough or treacherous. This adventure is for you if you wish to ride an ATV off-road in a forest. You will be assisted in exploring the Big Buddha's stunning grandeur and learning about the local culture by a competent English-speaking guide. You may get the most out of your trip to Phuket and enjoy some delectable complimentary seasonal fresh fruit meals.

1 Hour ATV Tour + Flying Fox And Rope Bridge In Phuket

In this tour 1-hour package, you get to train and practice on a pleasant, simple track close to the camp, under the supervision of staff and a guide. You may ride in muddy and dirt regions. To reach the secret beach, you must navigate a series of hilly pathways through a deep mangrove forest. The insect-eating plant, rubber plantations, and palm gardens will be visible to you. You'll receive suitable safety gear and another safety briefing after a five to ten-minute break. You will need to review the instructor's program orientation and re-ride the safety briefing. Later, with six difficult phases, you may put yourself to the test on the 100-metre adventure bridge. After crossing the bridge, the Flying Fox will take you 110 metres over the lake. Refreshments, fresh fruits, and cool beverages are available after your return to camp.

ATV Tour + Team Building Activities In Phuket

This tour package is designed for groups. The participants will ride around pleasant, simple routes under the guidance of our guides and ATV crew following a safety lecture and training session. Depending on the riders' talents and capabilities, they will be traversed in more difficult terrain. Groups are divided for further activities. As a basic rotation, each group participates in games and ATV trips independently. A winning team will be declared with a trophy or presents, depending on the arrangements, once all groups or teams have participated and concluded. Catapult Game, Gypsy Bowling, and Flying fox are the games played in groups. Customised games are also played for team building.

ATV Safari Adventure Program A

This 1.5-hour tour package is a blend of amazing things to do on an ATV ride. You can enjoy an ATV Adventure of 30 minutes (200 cc). This tour program is suitable for both experienced as well as rookie riders. You can also enjoy a sea view of elephant trekking for 30 minutes after this. This is followed by a 30-minute bird show. You also get a chance to meet young elephants in the woods. This package includes hotel transfer service, cool drinks, rain gear (if it's raining), rider and passenger personal injury insurance (which excludes coverage for ATV damage), and expert instructor Insurance.

ATV Safari Adventure Program B

This 4-hour trip package includes a variety of thrilling ATV activities. You may take an hour-long ATV adventure (200 cc). Both novice and experienced bikers can participate in this tour program. After this, you may spend 30 minutes riding an elephant while overlooking the sea. A 30-minute bird display follows this. In the forests, you can even encounter baby elephants. The price of this package includes transportation to and from the hotel, refreshments, rain gear (if it's going to rain), rider and passenger personal injury insurance (which does not cover ATV damage), and expert instructor insurance.

Best Places To Do ATV Ride In Phuket

A fantastic way to see the rainforest on Phuket Island is to go on an ATV trip. Therefore, if you're looking for a fresh way to see the natural treasures of the provinces of Phuket and Phangnga, the following are some of the best places to do an ATV Ride in Phuket featuring a unique and varied all-terrain vehicle tour. These tours reveal Phuket and Phangnga regions' undiscovered side to all outdoor enthusiasts and environment lovers.

Phuket Paradise

The terrain fields at Phuket Paradise have been designed in a way that allows you to appreciate nature and simultaneously entertain yourself in a unique way. It is just a simple ride, to begin with, for individuals who are here for the first time. A 4-wheel drive motorcycle is a brand-new type of thrilling experience that you may find in the dedicated beginner's area. You may go riding on thrilling ATV rides built by Phuket Paradise. You shall experience bends and humps of the well-designed terrain field as you immerse yourself in a stunning and private natural setting. Feel the rush of uphill and downhill slopes. This experience will surely stick with you forever.

Phuket ATV Safari Adventure

On a Phuket ATV Safari Adventure, you may explore the forest and rubber tree farms in Phuket. Enjoy an exciting ATV ride in Phuket to get a fresh perspective. As you go through Phuket's lush mountains, you get to feel the excitement. You can experience a zip line adventure and glide through the wind in a tropical environment. On horseback, you may go across breath-taking landscapes. You'll have the opportunity to see The Big Buddha up close. Additionally, some of the most intelligent species may be found on the opposite side of the world. To make your trip to Phuket special, there are tour packages created for both rookie and experienced travellers.

Phuket ATV Tour Co. Ltd

Phuket ATV provides a distinctive and diverse Terrain Vehicle trip if you're looking for a fresh method to discover the natural wonders of the provinces of Phuket and Phangnga. Get to know local communities, farms, plantations, dark mangrove forests, and unspoiled beaches while taking fun and safe rides through authentic, unexplored rainforests. The tours intend to show all outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers the hidden side of Phuket and Phangnga provinces. Beginners are invited to join the ATV trips starting at age 8 in Phuket and age 12 in Phangnga. Both new and experienced riders will practise on an easy course after receiving safety briefings and operational orientations to gain a feel for the ATV motorcycles. Everyone will be prepared to ride the tracks once they are comfortable on the bikes, under the guidance of trained professionals and guides.

Tips To Do ATV Ride in Phuket

  • Before you begin your tour, arrive at Paradise Atv Adventure in Phuket and get all the safety gear that has been supplied to you.
  • Prepare for an exciting trip by boarding your cosy, air-conditioned vehicle at the hotel.
  • Join your family and friends on an exciting excursion by hopping on your ATV.
  • Explore the lush, green surroundings and the towering, gorgeous trees by riding through the forest on an off-road course.
  • Explore Thai culture and heritage by visiting Phuket and seeing the magnificent Big Buddha monument.
  • Before the tour is through, enjoy some wonderful, complementary seasonal fresh fruit dishes.


What makes ATV Ride so popular in Phuket?

ATV tours are a great way to view the rainforest on Phuket Island. A fascinating and safe trip through unspoiled beaches, local towns, plantations, mangrove forests, and untamed rainforests is available for nature enthusiasts, and thrill seekers are the reason that makes it so popular in Phuket.

What safety precautions should one take while doing ATV Ride in Phuket?

ATVs are designed for off-road use; thus, while riding, use precautions to avoid driving on the pavement. Wear a helmet, goggles to protect your eyes from dust and sunlight, and comfortable, breathable clothing to stay light and cool.

What is the best time to do ATV Ride in Phuket?

The best time to do an ATV Ride in Phuket and enjoy an ATV ride, swimming, and other beach activities is from November to April. The weather is ideal for all the activities and totally pleasant for a vacation to Phuket.

Will the expert be there with us all the time while ATV Ride?

Yes, there will be expert instructors all the time during ATV rides. They give guided instructions to the riders to ensure their safety.

Do we have to undergo any medical tests before doing an ATV Ride in Phuket?

Yes, since the pandemic, the COVID-19 test has been mandatory for all visitors. A negative report is needed before doing an ATV Ride in Phuket.

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