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About Central Phuket

Exploring a modern multi level mall the Phuket Central tour offers visitors with a range of options to shop from, dine out and enjoy their time during the visit. The stunning mall is home to many amazing brand, local and delectable eateries and even theme parks. The interiors of the mall are modern and luxurious, offering the visitors a beautiful shopping experience.

Visitors who wish to explore Central Phuket can spend their time at the underwater aquarium Aquaria Phuket - which offers a unique and stunning experience of interacting with marine life. Or they can head to the Tribhum Phuket - a unique and amazing theme park for kids to enjoy. In addition to this visitors can also explore the Thai floating markets and experience the Thai spa for a relaxing time during their Phuket Central Tour.

The mall also has various artistic spots where visitors can capture vibrant and Instagram for the shorts. In addition to all this the mall also houses an amazing spa and aromatherapy wellness Center for guests to relax and unwind. The international brands, tourist attractions, delectable restaurants featuring international cuisines and local flavors, floating markets and various shows make the central Phuket Mall one of the best tourist spots in the entire city.

Highlights Of Central Phuket

  • Enjoy Shopping from the many international brands and local handicraft stores that are situated inside the architecturally magnificent mall.
  • During their Phuket central tour visitors will get to taste authentic Thai flavors in the many restaurants such as MK live, Chili Thai Restaurant and others.
  • Visitors will also be able to feast on various international cuisines including Japanese flavours.
  • The mall also houses the largest underwater aquarium in the entire country in addition to one of its kind underwater dining experiences.
  • The Tribhum Theme park is a fantasy inspired theme park which has its own 3-D walk-through experience for the visitors.
  • Visitors can relax and unwind at one of the many spas and wellness centres inside the mall.
  • The Trimuti statue at the mall is a beautiful idol and people often visit the mall only to pray to the God of Love.

Aquarium And Theme Parks In Central Phuket

Visitors can explore the amazing aquarium and theme parks during their Phuket central tour and have a great time. The Mall has the most wonderful aquarium and theme parks of the entire city at one place. The mall houses the Aquaria Phuket - a unique underwater experience, the Tribhum Phuket - an entertaining theme park and Andasi Phuket - a unique underwater dining experience.

Aquaria Phuket

The Aquaria Phuket is one of the biggest aquariums in Thailand and is located in the heart of the city. This wonderful and magical underwater journey takes visitors through the wonders of oceans and the various mysteries of the rivers. Visitors will be entertained and inspired by over 25,000 marine life creatures and other animals in an interactive environment. They will also get to learn about these teachers in a very knowledgeable and friendly manner. The aquarium also houses the trick eye museum which is the world renowned 3-D optical illusion attraction and house is the world’s first augmented reality technology applied in a museum to create vibrant and exciting illusions.

Tribhum Phuket

This wonderful theme park is the world’s first and only fantasy adventure which is accompanied by a 3-D walk through experience. The Tribhum theme park follows a wonderful story of Magic and gods and immortality to create a beautiful and unique experience. Visitors will be able to discover a variety of popular and mystical Asian urban legends residing in the theme park. The park has three different zones: the underwater world, The Magic Forest, and the Silver Mountain. Guests will love watching the enchanting stories inside the 40 don’t theatre that narrate Thailand’s mythical creatures and their tales.

Andasi Phuket

Another amazing place to visit during the Phuket central tour is the only underwater dining and lounge experience in Thailand. The restaurant is located inside the underwater aquarium and boasts 148 seats which allow a stunning view of the 360° tank holding over 500 different species of marine life. The cocktail bar at the restaurant offers a breathtaking aquatic view with an exclusive range of drinks and beverages. The food here is exquisite and complements the views in the best way possible. The restaurant is open from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM every day while the launch remains open from 10:30 PM to 12 AM every day.

Restaurants And Cafes In Central Phuket

During the Phuket Central Tour, visitors can also spend their time tasting the delightful dishes from the many restaurants inside the mall. Serving authentic flavours of Thailand, and various international cuisines - these restaurants are a great way to experience the mall for the food enthusiasts. From buffet options, to a'la carte menu - there are plenty of options for visitors to choose from.

Golden Chicken

The wonderful dining room serves the original recipes of its chef who combines her passion for the Cantonese cuisine belonging to Hong Kong with her expertise and love for Thai cuisine. She has created her own unique original recipes that mixes both of these styles and calls them the original Oriental cuisine. Some of the popular recipes from their menu Are the pan fried Hong Kong style rice noodles, fried pork liver with garlic and pepper, and shaved ice with SriLankan milk tea and bread. The interiors of the restaurant are minimalist and classy providing a luxurious experience to the diners.

Lucky 13 Sandwich

Among other places to visit during the Phuket central tour is the lucky 13 sandwich restaurant which is all about sandwiches and maybe something even more. The special ingredients used in their menu or sausages, toppings, meat and bread that make the customers tease the fresh flavours of this sandwich every day. The menu is not limited to sandwiches and also includes pork steak, vegetable salad and other appetisers for visitors to choose from. Guests should definitely try their chicken bacon sandwich, pork roast sandwich, beef brisket sandwich and ribs and steak.


Another great addition to the Phuket central tour is the MK live. This Thai Suki restaurant offers great service and meal experience that is similar to the lifestyle of the new generation. The restaurant sources its produce from organic farms and uses premium ingredients to serve its customers with delectable food that has nutrition and flavour. The Sukiyaki set is served in wooden crates and comes along with fresh vegetables and thin sliced meat. Guests should definitely try the lobster, Tiger prawns, Phuket steamed set, steamed Seabass in lemon sauce and freshly made balls.

Muteki By Mugendai

Another amazing restaurant to try out during the Phuket central tour is MUTEKI which is managed by a small team of Japanese food enthusiasts. The small space and simple decor is quite well coming and comfortable to its customers. They follow a motto that every single customer is special and deserves a wonderful dining experience. The must-tries on the menu include Andaman roll, Imamate sashimi set, and Akami Tataki.

On The Table

On the table is the Japanese Cafe that serves a touch of western dishes on its menu and all of it is home-made style. The cafe opened in 2010 and its goal was to bring the amazing experience of western and Japanese fusion to the Thai market. The aim is to cook and make every meal special for its customers with high-quality and fresh ingredients sourced organically. The Japanese fusion style menu has some delectable dishes like the avocado strawberry salad, spaghetti Tom yum seafood, and chef caramels spare ribs.

Tai Omakase By Red Snapper

Tai Omakase is a unique dining experience that is specializing in Japanese fusion and is created by professional chefs. The menu of this restaurant includes traditional Japanese recipes Ranging from sushi to grills with premium seasoning and fresh ingredients delivered directly from original sources. Guests should definitely try the Australian lamb teriyaki, lobster eskimo, and super wagyu roll. The interiors of the restaurant are also inspired by Japanese restaurants and culture.

Thai Brasserie By Blue Elephant

The Thai brasserie offers a unique and luxurious experience that is driven by quality and modern touch. They use only the prime products to satisfy the expectations of the customers and create a classic taste in the dishes. The restaurant provide Thai cuisine which is exquisitely prepared with local and fresh ingredients, organic sources and products that come from the Royal projects. The must rise on the menu R5 spice tamarind duck, giant deep sea tiger prawn Pad Thai and the fresh lime steamed garoupa.

You & I Premium Suki Buffet

Another amazing addition to the Phuket central tour is the you and Ayushi Suki buffet restaurant which is amazing for Suki lovers. Visitors can try their special soups that are deliciously cooked in a private pot in the kitchen by professional chefs. The restaurant has three types of buffet which range on three different prices. The standard buffet, the premium buffet and the super premium buffet are available for guests to choose from. Each buffet is priced accordingly and offers a combination of delectable soups and meat.

Zen Cucina

The Zen cucina is a Japanese themed restaurant which provides special attention to the quality of ingredients they select for their premium menu. The chef hand picks the ingredients to create a unique experience of Japanese cuisine for their customers. They have different types of menu to select from which are based on the philosophy of life quality and values health overall. 50% of the menu this off is based on fishes which makes it the leader of Japanese food in the entire region. Visitors should definitely try their premium Bento box and crazy Salmon Sashimi.

Chilli Thai Restaurant

Bringing to its customers the next level of Thai delicacies chilli Thai restaurant is an extensive experience in the Phuket central tour. The restaurant serves exquisitely selected and collected authentic Thai dishes from various regions of Thailand. They pay close attention to the quality of ingredients and flavours of the dishes to please the Thai cuisine at Myras visiting the restaurant. Customers should definitely try their Grill turmeric chicken, grilled pork with sticky rice rolls, and chilli fried chicken.

Mai Morn Cuisine

Among the best places to try local for Cathy and cousin in the entire city is the Mai morn cuisine. The restaurant serves fresh seafood every day and collects the best quality ingredients to satisfy its customers. The price of the dishes is quite reasonable and offer freshness in all the dishes. Some of them must rise from their menu are Phuket lobster stir fry with hot and sour sauce, blue swimmer crab stir fry with lime and mud crab in tab and spicy soup with bamboo shoot.

Oishi Eaterium

The restaurant works on the concept of eat-explore-premium and redefines the Japanese dining experience at its best. With a very vibrant and upbeat interior the restaurant presents delectable Japanese dishes that are made from premium ingredients. The restaurant follows the theme of ticket-based entry and each ticket allows visitors a time of one hour 45 minutes to enjoy the enhanced gastronomic experience provided by the professional chefs. Recommended from their menu is the soft shell crab temaki, Salman salmon sashimi, melon Kakigori.

Nara Thai Cuisine

The restaurant combines the uniqueness of Thai cuisine and brings it forward in a luxurious and comfortable style. The dining experience at the restaurant itself is a very unique memory as it feels like tasting the comfort of Thai foods at home. The contemporary restaurant is glammed up using pie traditional elements and creates a very relaxing ambience. Guess should definitely try their pad Thai noodles with prawns and crispy egg floss, spicy jumbo pork bone soup, fish cakes, pork wontons, spring rolls and north eastern spicy fried pork balls.

Little Mermaid

The famous Little mermaid shop is a Japanese bread brand popular in its homeland. The ingredients used by them to make the bread are produced in their own bakery and ensure high-quality. The bread is freshly baked each day using special baking techniques that were inspired directly from Japan. The small bakery has many flavourful options in addition to the simple bread and guests will definitely enjoy trying them all out on their Phuket central tour.

Other Things To Do In Central Phuket

In addition to the amazing aquarium, the theme park and the delectable restaurants and eateries the mall has to offer there are many other things to do on the Phuket central tour. Guests can visit the floating market or enjoy authentic Thai food in the food paradise, they can also try shopping Thai crafts and relax at a Thai spa. There are also many amazing photo spots and Thai shows for visitors inside the mall.

Thai Floating Market & Food Paradise

This section of the mall consists of various traditional Thai foods, authentic desserts and many amazing venues that guests can experience. The tales of Thailand section features wonderful products and services that reflect the four regions of the kingdom. The floating market is located on the ground floor and is divided into different zones. It invites local and international visitors to relax in a comforting atmosphere as they explore food, handicrafts, carving pieces and souvenirs.

Made in Thailand Crafts And Must-Buy-Souvenirs

A separately designed zone that is dedicated to authentic culture and art of Thailand. The zone is inspired by typical northern Thai architecture and is a beautiful spot. Visitors can shop for various products and survey news that are brought from different regions of the country and represent the various artists prevailing there. The zone is home to approximately more than 50 shops which sell traditional outfits, heart, handicraft, decor items and much more.

Experience Thai Spa

This specific zone is a place where art and science meets the traditional Thai wellness and the mutually combine to provide a relaxing experience on your Phuket central tour. Guests can enjoy relaxing services, luxury spa, body massages and even tattoo services by professional beauty exports. The various options available here are Pimnara Spa and Harnn, where guests can enjoy automatic therapies or beautifying experiences.

Photo Spots And Thai Shows

The central Phuket has many amazing photo spots on its various floors. Scrolling across the mall or various artwork that combines the art with modern concepts to decorate the interiors. Sales of Thailand, Cocoon, skywalk Forrester and the time music performance show at the ground floor a few of the wonderful activities and spots to enjoy during the visit.

Trimutri Shrine

The magnificent mall also houses the idol of Trimuti - god of love. Visitors who wish to offer their prayers to God can visit on Thursdays around 9:30 PM for the special worship. The shrine can be accessed from the front of Central Phuket or from the ground floor of the central department store. The statue is covered by a golden colour similar to the appearance of the God.

Know Before You Visit Central Phuket

Essential Information
How To Reach Central Phuket

Location: 199, 4 Vichitsongkram Rd. Wichit, Mueang Phuket District. Phuket

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Sunday

Best Time To Visit:The best time to visit the mall is during early hours after it opens as there will be less crowds. Visitors can explore the places, shops, restaurants at a relaxed pace and enjoy the entire experience without noise and waiting lines.

By Bus: Visitors can take the local blue bus to reach the mall from any nearby bus station. The ticket of the bus is priced at an economical price, making the bus an affordable mode of transport.

By Taxi: Tourists can also hire private taxis which will bring them directly to the Central Phuket Mall from anywhere around the town. This is however an expensive mode of transport.

Central Phuket FAQs

How long should one spend inside Central Phuket?

The Phuket Central Tour can last anywhere from two hours to an entire day. Visitors will have plenty of places to enjoy, experience and visit in this wonderful and stunning tourist attraction. Ranging from underwater aquariums to theme parks and delicious restaurants there is no shortage of attractions to explore inside the central mall. Addition to this, the mall offers an amazing experience for shopping international brands as well as local Thai handicrafts.

Is there luggage storage facility in Central Phuket?

Yes, the mall does offer luggage storage facilities to the visitors on their Phuket central tour. Guests can keep their luggage at the storage counter and then enjoy the tour of the mall without any hassle.

What makes Central Phuket so famous?

The Central Phuket mall is known for its luxurious interiors, international brands and the lifestyle it provides to its customers. The mall also houses the largest underwater aquarium in Thailand and offers a unique underwater dining experience to the visitors. It is also home to one of the first fantasy theme parks that has a 3-D walk-through experience and provides customers with delectable world cuisines and lounge bars to enjoy during their visit.

What is the best time to visit Central Phuket?

It is best to visit the mall in the morning right after it opens as the shops and attractions will be less crowded. Visitors can enjoy the various shopping experiences, tourist attractions, and restaurants without the crowds and the accompanying noise.

How far is Central Phuket from Airport?

The central Phuket Mall is approximately 32 km from the Phuket international airport. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the mall from the airport and guests can take the bus, rental taxi, or use a shuttle van for the same.

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