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Phuket is known to be one of the first choices for vacation with some of the amazing beaches, amusement parks, shopping centers, nightlife, and beautiful turquoise waters. Water activities in Phuket are also becoming more and more popular and every year tourists from all over the world enjoy some of the best water sports in Phuket. If you are an adventure enthusiast or just a beginner trying to get into water sports, this is just the right place for you.

Some of the most intense water sports are surfing, scuba diving, and also kitesurfing which require visitors to know how to swim. There are instructors available to help you guide you through the activity. If you are looking to just start your adventure journey, you can try snorkeling, sea kayaking, or banana boat ride which do not require swimming, and at the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful waters of the Andaman sea. Most of the beaches in Phuket have water activities but Patong beach is one of the best places where you can try many water activities. Other beaches where you can try these water activities are Paradise Beach which is another amazing option along with Kalim Beach, Kata Beach, Kamala Beach, and Surin Beach.

Water Sports in Phuket

When it comes to watersports, Phuket has plenty of options to choose from. A haven for adventure lovers, visitors can try snorkeling and witness some amazing coral reefs and marine life. You can also try Scuba diving and get certified by expert professionals. Other watersports include surfing, sea kayaking, and jet skiing among many others.


One of the most popular water sports in Phuket, Snorkeling is popular among both tourists and locals. Explore the calm waters of the Andaman sea and enjoy the fabulous coral reefs and colorful marine life. To perform one of the best water sports in Phuket, you can get your snorkel mask and pair of fins at the beach which will help you glide through the beautiful emerald sea and swim among colorful fishes. Visitors can also find many instructors at the beach who are certified and will guide you through your activity.

Location: Freedom beach at Patong, Ao Sane, Kata Noi, and Paradise Beach

kayaking in Phuket
Sea Kayaking

One of the most leisurely water sports in Phuket, Sea Kayaking is one of the best choices if visitors are not looking for adventure. This water sport requires visitors to paddle on open waters on small boats with a covered deck. You can explore the beautiful limestone caves, karst outcrops, and some of the most beautiful islands during sea kayaking. This activity also can help you get some amazing pictures for your social media.

Location: Phang Nga Bay, Gray’s Sea Canoe, Mueang, Phuket.

Scuba Diving In Pattaya
Scuba Diving

One of the most amazing water activities in Phuket, Scuba diving is very popular among both tourists and locals. Phuket is known to have some of the best waters in the world to try Scuba diving. Visitors can easily find many certified driving instructors who will help you with diving and this is also one of the best places to get your PADI certificate. Enjoy the fabulous turquoise blue water and swim among the vibrant fishes and other aquatic creatures. There are many diving trips where visitors will be taken to the diving destination by boat. These diving destinations are in the middle of the sea and are one of the most stunning locations.

Location: Patong beach


Another one of the most popular water activities in Phuket is Paddling through the waves. Stand-up paddling is very popular among tourists and locals here in Phuket. Visitors can easily rent a paddle board and go paddling between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM in the Andaman sea. Even though the difficulty level for paddling is high, you can witness even 10-year-olds to 40 years old enjoying paddling in the sea. Swimming is an essential skill required to enjoy this sport.

Location: Phi Phi island

Parasailing In Phuket

Known as one of the top-rated water activities in Phuket, Parasailing is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget. Help yourself with a life jacket and fly up in the air while a speed boat pulls you around the coast. Parasailing is one of the best activities if you want to look at some of the most amazing views on the island. One of the best places to parasail is the Kata beach where you can enjoy the view of crystal clear waters and beautiful lush green scenery. You can find many local operators who can help you with the activity. The best time to try parasailing is during July and August when the temperature and climate are pleasant.

Location: Kata beach, Patong beach, kamala peach and surina beach


If you are someone who loves adventure and thrilling activities, Surfing is one of the best water sports in Phuket is without a doubt. One of the most adventure-filled water activities in Phuket, try Surfing to control the waves and enjoy gliding through the high waves at the Andaman sea. Visitors can also find many surf instructors on the beach who are certified to train and guide you through surfing.

Location: Kata Beach, Surin Beach, Kamala Beach, and Kalim Beach.


One of the most popular water activities, Kitesurfing is a unique water sport in Phuket and is surely not for the faint of heart. With a very difficult adventure level, Kitesurfing is extremely challenging, especially during July, August, and September when the climate is known to have strong winds and showers. You can slide on the waves with a soft board and enjoy flying a large kite attached to the soft board. One can also find instructors to guide you through one of the best water sports in Phuket for adrenaline seekers.

Location: Kite Zone Phuket at Muang Phuket, Kalim beach, and Kata beach

Jet Skiing

One of the most thrilling water activities in Phuket, Jet skiing is perfect for non-swimmers who want to enjoy the waters. You can enjoy the incredible feeling of riding your bike in the sea with a motorized water vehicle. Like all the water sports in Phuket, you will find many instructors who will guide you through the activity. One of the best places for Jet skiing is Patong beach which is the first choice for most water sports.

Location: Patong beach, Kamal beach and Kata beach


Similar to surfing and jet skiing, Wakeboarding is among many water activities in Phuket which is extremely thrilling and has an adventure level from moderate to difficult. You can glide through the waters by holding on to a wire which is grabbed by a speedboat. This water activity requires the visitors to know swimming and how to maintain body balance. You can easily find instructors to guide you through the activity and once you understand how to balance your body, wake surfing is extremely fun and one of the best water sports in Phuket.

Location: Phuket Wake Park in Kathu.


One of the most adventurous and thrilling water sports in Phuket, Flyboarding is an activity where the fly board is attached to the Jet ski. The flyboard then jumps to 15 meters in the air before you fall off in the water. This is one of the best water sports in Phuket if you are looking to try something very challenging and adrenaline-pumping. Skilled instructors can also teach you how to perform backflips and somersaults in the air, once you learn the basics of Flyboarding.

Location: Patong beach at Kathu.

Banana Boat Ride
Banana Boat Ride

One of the top adventure water sports in Phuket, the Banana boat ride is a leisure ride suitable for everyone. Visitors can ride on the banana-shaped boat which is tied to a speedboat and enjoy the calm waters of the Andaman sea. The banana boat ride is also one of the most affordable water sports in Phuket and can accommodate 6 people in a single boat along with the instructor. You can try this activity at most of the beaches in Phuket. This is also one of the best water activities in Phuket for kids.

Location: Patong beach, karon, Rawai and Surina beach.

Adventure Diving
Adventure Diving

Another most affordable water sport in Phuket,the second stage of scuba diving is usually referred to as adventure diving. You can find certified instructors who will guide you through this activity. where you can learn more about the science, and how the marine animals behave at 30 meters down the sea level. There are various factors that affect these precious life under water, such as the temperature, light and pollution that reaches down the sea.

Location: One of the best places for adventure diving is the Patong beach


Do we have to undergo any medical tests before doing any water sport in Phuket?

    No, water activities in Phuket can be done by anyone who is up for it. Visitors need to make sure that they are healthy and according to the difficulty level of the activity, they can enjoy the water sports. Many water sports are exhilarating and not to be tried by the faint of heart.

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