Things to do in Phuket Old Town

About Things to Do in Phuket Old Town

The island is not just beaches, Phuket has a ton of history waiting to be explored by the travelers in the Old Town. There are several things to do in Phuket Old Town, from strolling along the Thalang roads to the famous dishes that you can enjoy at the restaurants. Soi Romani, the most picturesque street with a variety of tourist shops, is vibrant with colonial-style buildings and Buddhist temple backgrounds. If you are a foodie, you need to head out on Sundays when the main streets of old-town Phuket are turned into walking street markets that are full of street food, local performers, shops that sell handicrafts, and more.

You will spot many Chinese shrines secluded between the beautiful Sino-Portuguese colonial buildings. Hock chew Club is one of the most beautiful Chinese shrines that are lit with Chinese-style lanterns. Lock Tien local food center is one of the best places to try the local food with a variety of options and at a very cheap rate. One of the things to do in Phuket Old Town is to enjoy your cozy evenings at the café as you sip on the Thai-traditional coffee or roasted coffees.

Things To Do in Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town is known for its cultural vibrance and wide variety of things to do in Phuket Old Town offers visitors a day packed with different experiences. Make memories as you stroll around the place and experience the rich history of the city through museums and admire the aesthetic photo gallery of Phuket.

Explore Thai Hua Museum

The Old Town of Phuket is home to numerous exquisite art galleries. Thai Hua Museum is one of the attractions in Phuket Old Town that is immaculately preserved and is located on Krabi Road. It was originally constructed as a Chinese-language school in Phuket Old Town, but Kusonsongkhroh Foundation later realized its potential and transformed it into a stunning, expansive exhibition of art and crafts. A wide variety of short films in Chinese and Thai with English subtitles are displayed in the Museum's dozens of architecturally stunning rooms.

Explore Phuket Town Historical Center

Phuket Old Town is a historic landmark in Phuket that plays a significant role in portraying the integrity and honor of the history of Phuket as it is constantly evaluating its coffee shops, bars, and fancy boutiques. It plays as a commercial hub with the major markets on Ranong road. Night events are held every Sunday, on the Phuket walking street with musical performances and gift shops that attract visitors from all across the country making it one of the best things to do in Phuket Old Town.

Visit Phuket Town Photo Gallery

The Old Town of Phuket is home to numerous exquisite art galleries. Phuket is filled with The Pab Khean Thai Art Gallery & Frame, which exhibits one of the most well-known Pab Khean's works. He is famous because it uses acrylic and oil paintings to depict both traditional and modern Thai art. Among other popular things to do in Phuket Old Town, consider signing up for painting and art lessons to go deeper into Modern Thai art at this amazing aesthetically pleasing gallery.

Visit Jui Tui Shrine

Numerous Chinese shrines may be found throughout Phuket's Old Town, in which a significant part of Phuket's yearly vegetarian festival is played by the Jui Tui Shrine, a Taoist shrine. One of the island's oldest temples, Jui Tui Shrine serves as the town's spiritual hub and is home to three lovely, sizable, updated statues of Chinese gods. The monks at Jui Tui Shrine are well known for their ability to predict your destiny using a fate stick and bamboo stick. You must include this location on your list of things to do in Phuket's Old Town if you are curious about what your future holds.

Witness Chinpracha House

The Chinese immigrant Chinpracha family once resided in Chinpracha House, a 2-story palace that is scattered throughout old town Phuket and was formerly known as "Baan Chinpracha.". The Chinpracha Mansion museum is unique in its original state with its old Sino Portuguese interiors filled with original furniture, the Angmor Lounge style architecture, and fittings giving you a glimpse of the life of the people in earlier Phuket. You must include a visit to this mansion on your list of things to do in Phuket’s Old Town. Young Indiana Jones and Heaven and Earth were among the films shown at the Old Town list house. The historic kitchen provides a visual representation of the copper, clay, and other items that were used in the early 1900s.

Phuket Old Town FAQs

How old is Phuket Old Town?

Phuket’s old town is 1800 years old and was built in the 18th century with Sino-Portuguese architecture and mining by Hokkien Chinese when the Europeans were involved in the tin trade of Phuket. After the 18th century, a large number of Chinese arrived at Phuket resulting in more than half of the population being Chinese.

When is the best time to visit Phuket Old Town?

The best time to visit Phuket Old Town is in winter between October to March, as the temperature is mostly dry. You can plan your day in the morning or you may enjoy the weather in the evenings. Due to Phuket's year-round mild weather, going in the afternoons may get a little humid. With its street cuisine, entertainment, shopping opportunities, and other things to do in Phuket's Old Town, you are sure to make the most of your trip.

How To Reach Phuket Old Town?

Flights: Phuket has an international airport of its own and with direct flights from many countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, and many more

Train: With no direct trains to Phuket, you will need to commute to Phun Phin railway station, then take a bus drive of 5 hours to reach Phuket.

Road: This is the most comfortable and reliable means if you are traveling from Bangkok to Phuket. A bus drive of approximately 13 hours will be available in both air conditioning and non-air conditioning options at different costs.

What is special about Phuket Old Town?

The island of Phuket is home to a large number of tourist attractions and is well-known for its Old Town, which offers a wide range of things to see and do, including the Big Buddha, Sala Klang, Chinese shrines, art galleries, and museums, as well as a calm nightlife with beach clubs, bars, and lively cafes. There are several options for sea kayaking, scuba diving, and other activities in Phuket's Old Town.

What makes Phuket so popular among tourists?

One of the most popular tourist destinations globally is Phuket. Beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, opulent resort accommodations, spa facilities, a rich historic background, and attractive streets make it a must-visit destination with lots of things to do in Phuket's Old Town.

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