Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket

About Hanuman World Phuket

Thailand has something fresh to offer every time you visit it, and this time, it’s a zipline adventure in Phuket. Imagine yourself tied to a cable or rope stretched between two points of different altitudes and you get to slide through the rope in the middle of a lush forest. If this sparks your interest, then hop on to the zipline in Hanuman World Phuket, which is a thrilling treetop zip lining adventure loved by many.

Hanuman World Phuket gives you an opportunity to satiate your adrenaline rush and glide over a lush tropical forest in Phuket like a bird. It enables you to bounce through one tree to another as if you were a playful monkey sprinting for joy. And there aren't just one or two zip lines at Hanuman World Phuket. The adventure includes 16 exhilarating lines that span over 400 meters and weave amongst such magnificent, gigantic, and venerable trees in impenetrable highland forest. Hanuman World Phuket provides a perfect option for families and adrenaline junkies to get their fill of nature without taking any risks.

Zipline in Hanuman World Phuket is a one-of-a-kind activity which is not to be missed. It not only lets you glide through the forest, but it also offers you a breathtaking view of the island, the sunset, the sea, and the pristine beaches.

Why Book Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket?

Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket can always be purchased in person, however, booking online saves you a lot of time and energy. It is the quickest and easiest way of purchasing a ticket and you get to avail special discounts and exclusive offers on your ticket which makes your trip budget-friendly and enjoyable. You can book your entry to each zone at the Hanuman World Phuket at the comfort of your home and if you are unable to make it to the attraction, you have the opportunity to cancel it easily in no time.

Highlights of Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket
Inclusions of Hanuman World Phuket

-Take in an incredible perspective of the beautiful tropical jungle while ziplining from one level to the next. - Explore Hanuman World Phuket's three main sections: Skywalk, Roller Coaster, and Zipline, and experience the amazing rides they have to offer- The platforms at levels 30, 16, and 7 offer a variety of experiences like spiral staircases, skybridges, and roller ziplines, so you can pick and choose according to your preferences.- Explore the full 8-hectare forest, which features longer ziplines and the world's tallest descent, a 40-meter plunge from one of the park's oldest trees.- High-quality European equipment with full harness and safety helmet ensuring full safety and fun.

  • Three-hour activity duration of ziplining, roller coaster, and skydiving in the lush tropical forest.
  • Facility of hotel pick-up and drop-off from all hotels located in Phuket Town, Patong Beach, Kata, and Karon. Timings of pick-up and drop-off might differ due to the changing weather conditions.
  • First-aid and all safety equipment are provided for the excursion.
  • Access to all activities such as roller ziplines and skywalk.
  • Cash voucher of TBH 300 for Three Monkeys Restaurant located inside the park.

Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket Variations

Choose from a variety of ziplining options to see the beauty of the native forests and the island while gliding through the lush jungle of Phuket. Zipline in Hanuman World Phuketis all about giving you an adrenaline rush while staying close to nature while flying high with the support of a safety harness.

Zipline 32 Platforms

Meant for an extreme zip line enthusiast, the zipline 32 platforms offer a level of excitement you could not fathom, offering 16 thrilling ziplines. These platforms offer 3 rappels (descent ropes), 2 spiral staircases, and 5 sky bridges with the longest zipline of 400 meters in length. If you are a couple looking to have an adventure together, then brace yourself as zipline 32 platforms offer 1 honeymoon sling where you can fly with your partner and create memories.

Zipline 18 Platforms

If you are a complete beginner in this activity, you can choose the option of zipline 18 platforms, where you also get to experience 9 ziplines, 3 abseils and 1 spiral staircase. The 18 platforms also offer 1 honeymoon sling for romantic couples seeking to have this adventure together where you also get to walk over 2 sky bridges. The longest zipline in these platforms is about 300 meters in length. The Hanuman World Phuket tickets for zipline 18 platforms also offer a cash voucher for Three Monkeys Restaurant

Zipline 10 Platforms

For adrenaline junkies looking to try ziplining for fun, you can opt for zipline 10 platforms which include, 3 terrific zip lines, 2 rappels, 1 spiral staircase with the longest zipline of 500 meters in length. It makes you look like Superman if you put your hands frontward. Your ticket also gets you a cash voucher of TBH 300 for the Three Monkeys Restaurant. You can also get an entry to the roller zipline and skywalk bridge, offering an amazing experience to visitors.

More Activities In Hanuman World Phuket

The adventures at Hanuman World Phuket are not just limited to ziplines, but activities like roller and skywalk as well. These adventures let you spend a nice vacation with family and friends where you get to glide over the green forest, partake in the roller zipline and walk over the sky bridges. And not to mention, you get to do a lot of photography and videography in this area.


When you are at the verge of your finish line with the ziplining, you get to try the roller coaster program, which is the most terrific part of the adventure. The Phuket Zipline Roller-Coaster lets you partake in a monorail roller with 800 meters length. It’s by fat the most extended roller zipline in Thailand that lets you pass through the trees on a roller that runs at a speed of 40 km/hour. It’s a thrilling experience that lets you get the most of your trip to Phuket. Imagine yourself sliding on a roller in the beautiful forest of Thailand while creating cherishable memories.


Consider yourself a bird and take a stroll on the skywalk bridge, which gives you a bird's eye perspective of the forest and allows you to see what nature has formed over time. The sky bridges allow you to walk across the trees and experience what it's like to be a monkey high off the ground. You'll get a bird's-eye view of the forest and learn about how nature preserves itself. This tour along the sky bridge will teach you more about the trees, their history, and legends.

Know Before You Book Hanuman World Ziplining in Phuket

Essential Information
How to Reach Hanuman World Phuket

Location- 105 Moo 4, Chaofa Rd., T. Wichit, Muang, Phuket, Thailand 83000. The venue is located just 15-minutes away from Phuket Mueang District.

Timings- The Hanuman World Phuket opens from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm every day, however, the hours might differ due to weather conditions.

Best Time to Visit- The best time to visit Hanuman World Phuket is the dry season which is from November to February as the weather in these months is both cool and dry. The timings for the activities, however, may differ due to the constant changing in weather.

  • Via Taxi- The Hanuman World Phuket is located at least 35 km away from Phuket International Airport. You can take a cab to the venue that takes 40-50 minutes to reach.
  • Via Bus- Several buses run from Phuket to Kathu within a time span of every 30 minutes every day. Board a bus to Kathu and take a cab to Hanuman World Phuket and it only takes 10 minutes to reach the venue from Kathu Village.
  • Via Shared Transfer- Your Hanuman World Phuket tickets provide you with the facility of reaching the venue in a shared cab service that offers both pick-up and drop-off service if your hotel is located in Patong Beach, Kata, and Karon.
  • Via Rentals- Rent a private cab or self-drive car to reach Hanuman World Phuket from Phuket Wake Park that takes only 20 minutes to reach the venue

Tips To Visit Hanuman World Phuket

  • Make sure you are wearing comfortable shirts and shorts, along with comfy sport shoes as the zipline in Hanuman World Phuket is an adventurous activity that makes you glide over the lsh rainforest of Phuket. It is advised not to wear flip flops or baggy clothes.
  • Opt for this activity only if you have a good health condition as the excursion involves a lot of climbing and walking.
  • Bring your camera and selfie stick, while going for ziplining and skywalking. However, you can’t bring anything on the roller zipline as you have to keep everything inside the locker.
  • It might rain at times, so you should bring a spare raincoat.
  • If you are visiting the attraction on your own, make sure you visit at least 30 minutes before the start of the activity.
  • Wear insect repellent before arriving as the forest could be full of them, especially mosquitoes. A mosquito repellent works great.


What is the minimum age required to do Ziplining in Hanuman World Phuket?

The minimum age required to participate in ziplining in Hanuman World Phuket is 6 years or more. However, children aged 6-12 are not allowed on the roller coaster ride.

What is the maximum weight allowed to do Zipline in Hanuman World?

For safety reasons, the maximum weight allowed to do ziplining in Hanuman World is 120 kg.

What makes Hanuman World Phuket so famous?

Hanuman World is famous as it knows no limits, and prompts you to face your fears. You'll swoop above the landscapes, brushing the ground and whirling around the trees, gliding between the branches and merging with Hanuman's treetop residence. This is a great way of experimenting with fun and unique activities that will keep you enthralled and involved.

Can we use our camera while doing Zipline in Hanuman World?

Yes, you can bring your camera while ziplining in Hanuman World. But you have to keep your belongings in a locker while going for the roller coaster.

What is the best time to do Zipline in Hanuman World Phuket?

The best time to do ziplining in Hanuman World Phuket is from November to February as the weather stays dry, cool, and pleasant with a little rain showering.

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