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About Dolphin Bay Phuket

The one and only dolphinarium in Phuket, Dolphins Bay Phuket is one of the most famous places to visit in Thailand. The place offers some amazing activities and shows that offer visitors with memories that last a lifetime. The place has been recognized as one of the best caretakers of dolphins, one of the most adorable sea creatures in the world.

When at the Dolphins Bay Phuket, you will be thrilled by seeing dolphins presenting some amazing tricks in the show, which is the highlight of the place. You can see these marine creatures using hula hoops to showcase some amazing tricks for their audiences. Along with it you can also witness them bouncing on water, hiding underwater and surprising you with cute poses, and even paint with a brush to show off their intelligent and creative minds.

If you are situated in the first two rows, the seals will hug and kiss you, and once the show is over you can witness all the behind the scenes and efforts that it takes for a trainer to train these creatures without hurting them. After the show you will be given the opportunity to swim with these adorable marine creatures and become friends with them by clicking some amazing photos.

Highlights Of Dolphins Bay Phuket

  • At the Dolphins Bay Phuket show, take in a fun performance by the adorable and clever aquatic animals.
  • As a memento of your trip to Thailand, take some special photos with the cute animals.
  • For up to 45 minutes, watch the well-trained dolphins and seals balance, paint, and dance to the music.
  • During the performance display, you can observe dolphin intelligence firsthand.
  • Meet these magnificent animals up close as they perform numerous antics and games for you.
  • Get clicked with these adorable creatures, as they pose with you for a selfie
  • Admission to Phuket Dolphin Show.
  • Access to different sets of seats depending on your package.
  • It is suggested that you arrive five minutes before the show starts. Due to the local traffic circumstances, there is a buffer time of 30 minutes. As the gate opens 20 minutes before the show, it is advisable to arrive before that time.

Activities In Dolphins Bay Phuket

There are a number of fun-filled activities in Dolphins Bay Phuket which you can enjoy during your tour with your family and kids. These activities not only show you a different side of the marine creatures but they also give you a chance to interact with them.

Dolphin Show

At Nemo Dolphin's Bay in Phuket, take in a 45-minute entertainment show featuring the charming aquatic animals. Watch as the friendly seals and gorgeous dolphins perform a variety of plays, tricks, and spins for the audience. Come up close and personal with the dolphins during a presentation when they do balancing acrobatics, dance to cool music, and leap through hoops.

As the dolphins do feats, you will also watch the trainers participating in some more enthusiastic performances with marine life like never before.

Photos With Dolphins

Families, couples, and groups of friends have a lovely time together and can make a special memory with the adorable dolphins and fur seals at Dolphins Bay Phuket. This is a wonderful time to take pictures with dolphins, so don't pass it up! With the assistance of the team of skilled trainers, you can add something special and unusual to this collection of one-of-a-kind dolphin images.

Magic Touch

This is a rare chance to interact with and pet these magnificent and amiable animals. Both adults and kids can participate in this exercise. You will have the opportunity to spend time with dolphins playing games after your initial encounter. Throughout all the events, you will be able to shoot some original images with different poses and angles. Every activity is appropriate for people of all ages and all you need is your best demeanor and your bathing suit!

Young Trainer

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to put yourself in the shoes of a dolphin trainer, and learn more about the life of these lovely animals, and discover something new and fascinating! The Dolphin Bay Phuket show, also offers you a chance to train these adorable creatures through feeding sessions and the first interaction with baby dolphins and numerous show programme rehearsals.

Happy Time

Swimming with dolphins is one of 12 incredible activities that will delight both kids and adults during the Dolphin Bay Phuket show. This is a fantastic chance to interact with these intelligent and amiable animals and create lifelong memories. You will have some time to take a shower and wash into your swimming costume after the safety instructions and completion of the minimum documentation. You will be accompanying dolphins in a pool with a temperature of about 26 C. and with a depth of 5-meters. If they are not terrified and feel secure in the water, children ages 4 and older can swim with dolphins.

Why Visit Dolphins Bay Phuket?

  • Dolphin Bay Phuket show is the only dolphinarium in Phuket that offers various activities and shows.
  • You may enjoy Dolphins' outstanding performance for about 45 minutes, with Ami, Alice, Maya, Casper, and Grand.
  • The gifted, submissive, and intelligent aquatic creatures will amuse you with their bizarre games and tricks.
  • The trainers at the Dolphins Bay Phuket show have all expertly trained these stunning dolphins, which you can also learn here with live examples.
  • The Dolphin Bay Phuket show has grown to become the island's most popular attraction for families, couples, and individuals from both domestic and international travelers.
  • More than 25,000 people visit this location each month, and 900 people attend one show.Indulge in enlightening feeding and swimming with dolphin activities as you explore the aquarium.

Tips To Visit Dolphins Bay Phuket

  • As the Dolphin Bay Phuket show entrance opens at the same time as the show, try to arrive 20 minutes early.
  • Plan your trip properly because the park is closed on Mondays.
  • Since the area is packed you are not supposed to bring any unneeded items with you.
  • Prior to using your voucher at the ticketing desk for same-day reservations for the Dolphins Bay Phuket show, please give them at least 15 minutes to process your order.
  • No smoking or dogs are permitted during the Dolphins Bay Phuket show.
  • No one is permitted who clearly has an infectious illness, such as a skin rash, lesion, infection of the eyes, ears, nose, or throat.
  • Bring your camera with you to avoid paying for dolphin photos.

Dolphins Bay Phuket FAQs

What are the different ticket types available for booking in Dolphins Bay Phuket?

There are different types of tickets based on the seating arrangements of the show, which includes-- VVIP seats (1st row) - Adult – 1200 THB - Child – 700 THB- VIP Seats (2nd row) - Adult – 1000 THB - Child – 600 TH
- Deluxe Seats (3rd and 4th row) - Adult – 900 THB - Child – 500 THB- .Regular Seats (5th, 6th & 7th row) - Adult – 700 THB - Child – 400 THB

Are we allowed to swim with Dolphins in Dolphins Bay Phuket?

vYes, you are allowed to swim with the Dolphins at the Dolphins Bay Phuket but you will have to pay for it additionally. The cost of swimming with Royal Swim at Dolphins Bay Phuket show ticket is around 5000 TBH. The swimming activity with the dolphins is not allowed for children with age below 4. Parents and adults need to accompany children in the age group of 4 -6 while swimming with the dolphin.

Is there any fee charged differently for clicking pictures with Dolphin?

Yes, there is a fee charged for clicking pictures with Dolphins. You will have to pay Dolphin Bay Phuket price of 400 THB to snap yourself with the dolphins. The price for photography is valid for up to 4 persons.

What are the Dolphin Show timings at Dolphins Bay Phuket?

The Dolphin Show timings at Dolphins Bay Phuket are from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and the duration of the show is about 45 minutes. The Dolphins Bay Phuket remains closed on Monday.

What is Dolphins Bay Phuket famous for?

The Dolphins Bay Phuket is famous for being the only dolphinarium in Phuket. It is home to some of the beautiful marine creatures like fur seals, dolphins, and sea lions. During your visit to this place, you will be able to enjoy the interactive and immersive performances of these creatures for an hour.

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