Splash Jungle Water Park Tickets

About Splash Jungle Water Park

Splash Jungle Water Park gives it all, whether you're looking for a calm day in the water or an adrenaline rush! With its attractions, cold beverages, and delectable revitalising meals, the park is the place to be in Phuket for your entire family. Splash Jungle has six different geographical themes to explore, ranging from the Incas to mystical Asia, the splendour of Northern Europe to Africa's plains.

The Boomerango and Superbowl thrill coasters, as well as a six-level wave pool, are all waiting for you. Why not take a 335-meter float down the lazy river or enjoy some hydrotherapy in the spring pool while the kids play in the aqua-play area? A cashless payment system and the chance to hire a private cabana are among the on-site features.

If you are the kind of person that seeks relaxation in adventures, then Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket is the best place for you. During your visit to the water park, you can choose to relax on the lazy river, surf in the wave pool, and ride the rides at Splash Jungle. In the Aqua Play Pool and Kids Slide, you may unwind with your kids! Relax in the Igloo Sauna or the Hot Spring Pool, or arrange for pampering services to be delivered directly to your private cabana! So, the fun you and your family will have is much more than the worth of Splash Jungle Water Park tickets.

Why Book Splash Jungle Water Park Tickets?

While tickets to the Splash Jungle Water Park can always be purchased in person, purchasing them online is the most convenient and hassle-free method to travel and have an unforgettable time. You may skip the crowds and long lines at the ticket counter by getting your Splash Jungle Water Park tickets online, which not only provides for pre-ordering ease but also offers amazing discounts, allowing you to make your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Highlights & Inclusions
  • Get a chance to put your hands on the most thrilling rides like Boomerango, Superbowl, and six-level Wave Pool.
  • Find yourself relaxing at the 355 m Lazy River, or go for therapy in water at Hot Spring Pool or Igloo Sauna.
  • The Aqua Play Pool and Kids Slide is fun for kids under the supervision of guards.

  • Tickets: Includes 1 Splash Jungle Water Park ticket.

  • Towel rental services:The water park rents clean and dry towels.
  • Information center:There is a help desk and information center that are ready to help you out with any problem you are facing.
  • Locker rentals:The water park has locker facilities to keep your belongings safe while you enjoy the water.
  • Changing rooms:There are different changing rooms for men and women for you to change before and after the games and rides.
  • Cabana rentals:You can rent cabanas for your family to rest and have a good time.

Rides At Splash Jungle Water Park

The rides at the Splash Jungle Water Park are a true delight for adventure seekers transporting them to a whole new world with every single dip and twist.


Whizzard is one of the most sought after rides at the Splash Jungle Water Park. During this activity, riders are pushed into tubes that are positioned next to each other, and the tubes take several twists and turns and curve at unexpected moments. The tubes complete a 360-degree circle before being released into the open in multicoloured lanes side by side, where they fall free into the water pool at the end. The riders will squeal with delight as they ride this attraction.

Family Raft Ride

Family Raft Ride is yet another popular rides at the Splash Jungle Water Park that is just perfect for family travellers. During this activity, you will get to sit in a large circular tube and then be discharged into the slide which takes unexpected turns and surprise dips, after a lot of giggles, laughter, and squeals, you finally land in the pool with a splash. The tube comes down at a speed of 33 km/hr over-the-edge walls in the slides that ensure safety. In this ride, kids get to sit with their parents so they feel overjoyed and safe.

Body And Tube Slides

The Splash Jungle Water Park's body and tube slides are three brightly coloured slides that keep visitors occupied all day. There are two body slides and one tube slide that will ensure you have a good time. You can ride these slides alone or with a friend, but these colourful slides are well worth the price of your Splash Jungle Water Park tickets.


The fun you'll have on this ride is well worth the price of your Splash Jungle Water Park admission. This is a V-shaped ride that you may perform with a friend, and it starts with you being shoved into a dark tube. Then you'll feel yourself free-falling down the V's steep wall before climbing up the other side and then reverse your descent down the wall, continuing on a boomerang ride until you slow down and fall into the splash pool.

Lazy River

Have the most relaxing time of your life while floating in a tube in the lazy river. You don’t have to do anything, just keep floating in the river while enjoying the views of the gardens that you will get to witness in your 335 m river journey.

Aqua Play And Kids Pool

Aqua Play and Kids’ Pool is one of the most popular locations in the water park, where not only kids but the whole family can have a good time. Both youngsters and adults can enjoy the varied heights and speeds of the slides. There are multiple water sprinklers where one can enjoy to the fullest.

Wave Pool

A wave pool is where you can feel artificial waves, with each step you take into the pool, the depth of the pool grows. The waves and rising depth create the impression of being on a real beach. At each of the six levels, there are lifeguards with life jackets, you can hit the waves while staying safe.

Aqua Spray Park

This is an edutainment spot for kids where they are taught the nature and different elements of water. Here, kids and parents can spray water on each other and have fun, and these enjoyable activities also aid in the development of young minds and impart knowledge while having fun. Have one of the most fun times here with your friends and family and even unleash the kid in you.

Super Bowl

After getting discharged into a closed dark tube, you are forced into the open area of the Super Bowl. As the name suggests, it is a huge ride in the shape of a bowl. With the centrifugal force, you stay on the edge of the walls and after a few spins, you are then discharged down in a surprise splash.

Spring Pool

The Spring Pool is located at a corner of the Splash Jungle Water Park and this pool will remind you of ice age. On a hot day in Phuket, the spring pool will give you a sense of refreshment and will keep your mind cool as it is based on the theme of the Arctic Glacier.

Visitor Information

  • ID proof of each individual has to be mandatorily furnished while booking and upon arrival.
  • All international guests have to provide passport and visa details while booking and upon arrival.
  • You can smoke only in the designated areas.
  • The water park is not responsible for any damage caused to swimming suits by the rides.
  • At the time of booking the confirmation will be received.
  • Guests under the height of 48 inches must wear life jackets.
  • Kids under the age of 4 years can enter without any charge.
  • Kids of the age 5-12 years can avail children’s packages.
  • Kids above the age of 12 will have to avail the adult package.
  • Senior citizens of age over 65 have free entry.

Know Before You Book Splash Jungle Water Park Tickets

Essential information: Location: 65 Moo 4 Mai khao Soi 4, Mai Khao, Phuket 83110Timing: 10 am to 5:45 pmBest time to visit: The best time to Splash Jungle Water Park would be in the summer season to beat the heat as well as enjoy the attraction with very less crowd.

How to reach?The Phuket International Airport is only a short distance away from Splash Jungle Water Park. The airport is about a 15-minute drive away and in order to get here, you can book a cab.

Tips To Visit Splash Jungle Water Park

  • Don’t bring any outside food, beverages, and glass containers into the water park.
  • Put on sunscreen to keep yourself protected from the scorching sun.
  • Swimsuits are required, and no jeans or other heavy clothing is permitted on the rides.
  • It is advised to take a 10-minute break every 50 minutes to help not get exhausted.


Do we have to book in advance for Splash Jungle Water Park Tickets?

Splash Jungle Water Park tickets can be booked in advance online. You can book your tickets much before your arrival not only to save time during the activity but also get loads of discounts on the prices. It is mandatory to provide valid ID proof of every individual at the time of booking as well as upon arrival.

What is the minimum age required to book Splash Jungle Water Park Tickets?

Kids of any age can enter the Splash Jungle Water Park tickets but kids of 5 and above will have to book tickets. Kids of age 5-11 years can avail the kids’ package of the Splash Jungle Water Park tickets, but kids of age 12 years and above will have to avail the adult package.

What makes Splash Jungle Water Park so famous?

Splash Jungle Water Park is famous for all its enthralling rides. It is the best escapade for the people who are looking for a relaxing afternoon as well as an adrenaline rush.

What is the best time to visit Splash Jungle Water Park?

The best time to visit Splash Jungle Water Park is during the summer, when the temperature is at its highest, making it ideal for beating the heat. Phuket has a tropical environment with plenty of sunny days, and there's no better way to spend them than at a water park with your loved ones.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Splash Jungle Water Park?

The Splash Jungle Water Park does not allow outside food into the water park. Any food, drinks, beverages, and glass containers are not allowed to be carried inside the water park.

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