Kata Beach

About Kata Beach

Kata Beach in Phuket is one of Thailand's most well-liked beach locations as it has crystal-clear seas, pleasant weather, and unexpected waves make it a surfer's paradise. Due to the growing variety of food options, vibrant nightlife, distinctive tourist sites, surfing, and shopping, it is quickly becoming a well-liked family holiday spot.

On Phuket Island's western shore lies Kata Beach, where the sand and the sea meet. Of course, the beach is the major draw for tourists who travel great distances to visit and stay in this area of the island. The beach is quite long, the sand is fine and very soft, and during the summer the water has a stunning blue hue.

While Kata is a fantastic location in the hot season, swimming there can occasionally be dangerous. However, because of the waves, it becomes well-liked among surfers and even holds a surf tournament once a year. Apart from this Kata Beach also offers water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding.

There are many different places to eat and drink at Kata Beach, ranging from award-winning restaurants to street cuisine and food markets. While panoramic sunset terraces are the ideal way to conclude the day, beachside eating has long been a favorite during the day.

Highlights Of Kata Beach

  • Enjoy a day at Kata Beach in Phuket as you relax on the pristine white sand
  • Trek across the rocky cliffs that surround it to reach some of Phuket’s most ravishing viewpoints
  • Dine at any of the beachside cafes and restaurants to savor a traditional Thai meal with fantastic views
  • Try your hand at any of the beach sports that Kata has to offer, such as parasailing, kayaking, or paddleboarding
  • Explore the deep blue waters off the Kata coast with a diving or a snorkeling excursion
  • Spend a while exploring the traditional goods and fares at the Kata Night Market

Places To Visit In Kata Beach

While Kata Beach in Phuket is a popular tourist attraction by itself, the tourist spots in its vicinity make for excellent family visits as well. From view points to golf parks, a day at the beach is sure to keep you busy throughout your visit. For those looking for a cultural visit, the Kata Night Market and the Wat Kittsinaram can prove to be an excellent outing.

Surf House Phuket

The ideal approach to learn the fundamentals of surfing, wakeboarding, or even kiteboarding is at Kata Beach's Surf House Phuket, an artificial wave activity that eliminates the customary exertion and frequently painful side effects of extreme sports. Anyone may try it here in a matter of minutes, and you'll be astonished by how quickly you can stand on these little flow boards depending on your skill level and natural balance. Two parallel high-pressure water streams moving at extremely high speeds up an inclined slope make Surf House Phuket, providing adequate lift for one person. Your tumbling is amazing but painless because the water is just ten centimeters deep and the bottom is soft and rubbery.

Karon Viewpoint

Despite its misleading name, Karon Viewpoint is located closer to Kata Beach in Phuket than Karon Beach. Karon Point, also known as "The Hill of the Three Beaches" in Thai, will show you exactly what it sounds like when you arrive there: three beaches. If you're visiting Phuket for the first time, you'll undoubtedly take some time to savor the view from the top of the hill at this well-known and stunning panoramic landmark. From up there, you can really see three beautiful bays. Everyone who is traveling to Nai Harn pauses at this viewpoint for a selfie because of its prime placement on the side of the road that leads to the famed Promthep Cape. Some guests choose to take a little longer to relax while enjoying refreshments or food they purchased from the little shops located a few feet below.

Dino Park Mini Golf

Even after many years of operation, family and friends still go to Kata Beach's Dino Park for some after-dinner competition and casual fun. The golf course, which blends Jurassic Park and Flintstones designs, became popular right once. Dino Park is located just across from Starbucks, close to the major crossroads of Kata Center. A nasty-looking Brontosaurus maintains a calm watch on you from far above the trees as you enter a prehistoric lush forest, where you soon come across your first full-scale Triceratops. It's great to play the game in the middle of a stunning rain forest while a huge volcano in the distance is spewing smoke and making eruption sounds.

Kata Noi Viewpoint Bars

Some of the most intriguing views of the island's sunset and beach may be found along the meandering roads leading from Kata Beach to Nai Harn Village. The greatest views of the area are provided by the sunset cafés positioned atop Kata Noi. Visit some of the hip cafés around to take in the lovely sunset and some delectable fare. You will realize once you are there that spending time in these eateries is an intriguing activity.

What Kuttisankaran

The closest temple to Kata Beach is What Kuttisankaran, which is situated on a sizable plot of ground at the foot of a mountain, and built in 1832. A tropical forest envelops it on Kata's eastern side. Even though the temple was constructed in antiquity, it is well-maintained and undergoes regular renovations. With its ornate façade, white exterior, and distinctively pointed, red-decorated roofs, its aesthetic design is extremely remarkable. It has a wonderful ordination hall where you may discover the Buddha who seems the most serene.

Kata Night Market

A fairly big food court and several tourist-oriented vendors can be found in the covered shopping area known as Kata Night Market. The enormous gorilla and Hulk statues near the market's entrances, which are situated along Kata New Road, are unmistakable. At this night market, you may get great deals on meals and gifts. The Kata Night Market, which is a permanent location with 3 enormous domed pavilions, should not be mistaken with the limited selection of booths that pop up on Soi Malisa on Mondays and Thursdays. While the other two have a number of market booths, the one on the right, by the gorilla statue, is a sizable food court with a bar in front.

Activities To Do In Kata Beach

Once you’ve gotten used to the pristine beauty of Kata Beach in Phuket, prepare to catch some action with the many adventures it has to offer. The beach opens its doors to some of Thailand’s best water sports: from diving through stunning reefs, to snorkeling to the depths of the deep blue sea. Those looking to stay above the surface may also choose to go paddleboarding or kayaking at Kata.


Due to its crystal-clear water and massive boulders, Kata Beach is one of the most well-known spots in Phuket for diving and snorkeling. You will witness many sea creatures while you enjoy the soothing beach water of Kata Beach. The little coral reef, which is home to an abundance of marine life, is a well-known attraction between Kata Beach's northernmost point and adjacent Koh Pu. You may simply buy or even rent the equipment from the shop for the ideal snorkeling experience.

Scuba Diving

Kata Beach in Phuket is one of the most popular diving spots in the city. This scuba dive location more than any other has generated an abundance of unique species due to favorable diving conditions and shallow water that allows for comfortable lengthy dives on a trip that does not take up your entire day. Although 10m is more common, visibility can reach 20m, but that is more than enough to maneuver around the hard coral reef and across the beach in search of the ever-changing and astonishing macro marine life.Some of the most popular species spotted here are the ngered dragonets, Indian ocean walkman, robust and ornate ghost pipe-fish, sea-moths, sawblade and harlequin shrimp and crabs.

Standup Paddle Boarding

The stunning, quiet water at Kata Beach is renowned for being excellent for paddle boarding. Stand-up paddling gives you a brand-new method to move across the water. There are several benefits to standing on a SUP board. First off, because you have a wider range of view than on a surfboard or longboard, you can anticipate the waves coming at you. With this sort of board, catching a wave is also much simpler. Enjoy a palm tree-lined backdrop as you paddle around the water in this area. While carrying your own SUP is always advantageous, one can find several SUP rentals around the area as well.


Kayaking is the perfect activity for you if you enjoy your alone time with the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore. You will improve your physical health as well as keep your mind at peace with this activity. Kayaking is available at Kata Beach for around 200 Baht per hour. You may go to the beach's southernmost section, where there are some very stunning reefs and aquatic life. The beach offers a variety of kayaks for rent and you may also take the somewhat more costly long tail boats, which run about 600 THb for an hour.

Why Visit Kata Beach?

  • Explore the best of Phuket’s coastline with the sheer white sands and azure waters at Kata Beach
  • Catch some of the best sunset views in the city from any of the beachside and sunset bars dotting the Kata beach coast
  • Explore the variety of water sports offered at the beach, including but not limited to snorkeling, diving and kayaking
  • Grab a hot bowl of traditional Thai food at any of the beachside eateries in and around Kata
  • Pay a visit to the smaller Kata Noi Beach, located at one fag end of the beach
  • Sift through the traditional food and goods on display at the Kata Night Market

Know Before You Visit Kata Beach

Essential Information
How to Reach Kata Beach

Location: Pak Bang Road, Phuket 83100

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Kata Beach in Phuket would be during the summer months, ideally between November and February, when the weather remains dry and sunny. Surfers may choose to visit the beach during the high monsoon months between May and June when the wave conditions remain best for surfing sports.

Songthaew Bus: The fastest (and least expensive) way to get there from Phuket Town is to board one of the blue songthaew buses that often travel to Kata Beach from the Ranong Road bus stop.

Tuk tuks: There are tuk tuk stands at both ends of the beach, and can be used to travel shorter distances to the adjacent beaches or attractions.


How long is Kata Beach from Phuket?

Kata Beach is about 1.5 kilometers away from the main Phuket town. It would take about 30 minutes to reach the beach by car from Phuket.

What makes Kata Beach so famous?

Kata Beach is best known for its excellent surfing conditions. While the waves here are ideally suited for those trained in the sports, there are a number of rental shops along the coast that offer training sessions for first time surfers as well. Children and those afraid of daring the waters on their first try could choose to head over to Surf House at the Beach for a controlled surfing lesson. Along with this, Kata Beach also conducts an annual surfing tournament.

What is the best time to visit Kata Beach?

The best time to visit Kata Beach in Phuket is during the summer months, which is between November and February. The weather during these months remains cool, sunny and dry, making it the ideal time for spending time at the beach.

Is Kata Beach crowded?

While Kata Beach in Phuket is comparatively less crowded than its sister beaches, it does attract a good number of people during peak tourist season.

Are there Spa and Massage services available in Kata Beach?

While there are no spas or massage centers on the beach itself, Kata Beach does offer a number of high end resorts and hotels that feature spas of their own.

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