Khao Sok National Park Tour

About Khao Sok National Park

-Khao Sok National Park is one of the premier tourist attractions of Thailand. It was established in 1980 as the 22nd National Park of Thailand. Khao Sok is located in southern Thailand. It is on the northern side of Phuket. The National Park is home to a vast ancient evergreen forest. The evergreen forest provides a majestic green landscape to the whole national park. The Khao Sok rainforest has a massive flora and fauna population. The wide variety of flora and fauna is the major attraction for all the tourists during the Khao Sok National Park tour.

The Cheow Larn Lake exaggerates the beauty of the national park. It passes through the heart of the Khao Sok, and one can find multiple floating raft houses and luxury tents. The sight of raft houses and tents provides a majestic look to the lake.Apart from the mesmerising flora and fauna & of Cheow Larn Lake, substantial limestone cliffs outline the national park. The vegetation growing on limestone cliffs embraces the overall landscape of the Khao Sok and upgrades the overall experience of every tourist visiting the national park. There are multiple dimensions of the park yet to be explored.

Khao Sok National Park Day Trip From Phuket

History Of Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park has a prosperous population of rainforests; upon proper analysis, it is believed that they are even older than the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.The mainland of Thailand has had similar climate conditions for almost the last 160 million years because of no change in the equatorial position. Thus, a rainforest in Thailand has flourished for ages even though the other parts of the world have suffered multiple tectonic and climatic changes over the years.

In the 1900s, Thailand was devastated by large-scale deforestation due to logging and mining activities. But the Khao Sok was unhurt because of the uprising of Thai Students. They had made Khao Sok their stronghold. They also stopped loggers from entering the forest.Later, Khao Sok came under the Thai national laws protecting deforestation and was declared a National Park.

Why Book Khao Sok National Park Tour?

There are multiple activities and attractions to choose from in Thailand, but the Khao Sok National Park Tour is a different experience. The solace and surprises the rainforests of the Khao Sok have inside them are beyond anyone’s imagination. So charting Khao Sok’s landscape is nothing less than an adventure.

  • Explore the depths of the most ancient rainforest in the world.
  • Soak up the beauty of Cheow Larn Lake flowing right through the heart of Khao Sok
  • Camp on the shores of the lake in one of the finest raft houses and luxury tents
  • Feel the close to the nature and enjoy the wide variety of flora and fauna
  • The sight of Ton Prai Waterfall is right there on the top. The sound and aura of the waterfall are not the ones to be missed
  • Be the part of an adventurous tour and take part in activities like trekking and canoeing

All the tourists are provided with the facility of hotel pickup. This helps them inaccessible transit to and from Khao Sok National Park- Meals will be provided to every visitor.- As a perk, mobile vouchers will be provided to everyone- A guide throughout their journey will accompany every group of visitors- The tourists are covered under the “Thrillophilia safe.”- Every location worth of sightseeing will be covered, and the best experience will be provided to each tourist.- For all the adventure lovers, trekking is going to be there - There’s also an option for free cancellation up to 72 hours before the tour

Tours At Khao Sok National Park

Tourists coming for the Khao Sok National Park tour get two options for an adventurous time. Either they can choose the Khao Sok National Park Day tour, or they can go for the Khao Sok Overnight Tour. Both tours give equal opportunity to witness and feel the flora & fauna of the Khao Sok.

Khao Sok National Park Day Tour

Tourists generally reach Phuket the night before and prepare for an adventure the following day. The pickup service is available, and the visitors don’t have to face any kind of hassles related to transportation.The tour generally starts between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM every morning. The time is usually completed in approximately 11 hours.

The trip, which starts from the pickup points,reaches its first checkpoint, the Troi Waterfall, and people spend 2 hours admiring the beauty of the waterfall. After completing all the activities and witnessing the sunset at Phuket Island, buses drop all the tourists at the hotel.

Khao Sok Overnight Tour

Khao Sok's Overnight tour allows witnessing the ultimate calmness and beauty of Cheow Larn Lake. Pick-up and drop services are available for this trip too. The overnight tour of the Khao Sok National Park Tour kicks off early at 5:00 AM ( approx). The total duration of activities is approximately 8-9 hrs.

Under this tour, tourists will be exploring the farthest side of the lake. The most distant side has multiple panoramic views to offer. Apart from this, trekking will be conducted through caves and depths of the Khao Sok rainforest for an adventurous experience.

Flora At Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok forests have a mixed variety. One part of the forest is partly tropical evergreen forest, and some part of it is somewhat tropical rainforest. The forest flaunts 200 different types of floral species per hectare of land, which is the highest figure of density for no. of species found.

Buttress Roots

They are usually found in the parts of the forest where the soil is shallow, which is the nature of the ground in most parts of Khao Sok National Park. Therefore, the roots of this flora grow in a horizontal direction. The overall height of buttress roots can be 65 m and can be branchless up to the size of 30 m. The age of the buttress roots is hardly 150 years.They are primarily used to make drums, boats, and war shields because of the hollow property of their roots. When the seeds are knocked, the sound emitted travels a very long distance.


Rafflesia is the largest flower on the face of the earth discovered now. It can grow upto 90 cm in width and can easily weigh around 7 Kg.These flowers have 3 different species found in Khao Sok, and the red species is the most prominent one. They exude a strong smell, but it’s not pleasant. The scent emitted by it resembles that of a dustbin.Due to its unpleasant smell, it's pollinated mainly by flies instead of bees. It was discovered in the year 1918 in Indonesia by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles

Pitcher Plant

Pitchers are one-of-a-kind carnivorous plants. These carnivores are not only capable of eating small insects and pests but also small animals like rats!One can find more than 150 species of pitchers across the Khao Sok park. Pitchers are climber plants, and according to recent estimates, they can reach up to 15 meters.Pitchers can be found in multiple shapes and sizes, but all have lids at their opening. The lids help them to trap their prey and cease them from escaping. Pitchers exude a fragrant smell into the environment.


There are over 2500 species of Liana all over the world. Lianas are not any specific plant but a group of plants growing in a particular manner.They grow in a specific way by taking the natural support present in the wild and thus form strong structures. Sometimes they are so strong that they include bridges between two trees the wildlife uses to cross.Lianas are responsible for the 40 percent canopy cover in the woods, especially on the Khao Sok National Park Tour. The Lianas try to grow in different ways and at an angle by which they can intercept sunlight.


Figs have 800 species across the world. They are found in considerable numbers in Thailand. Khao Sok park has multiple trees bearing figs.Figs are also a source of nutrition and food for multiple animals and insects in the woods. IT's pollination process is quite different from the other fruits. Wasps are the ones who take a significant part in the pollination process.During the pollination process, leave a hole in these fruits and lay eggs inside. Thus, multiple figs found on the ground have a hole in them and are not edible. Figs are found in various colors like yellow, red, and orange

Dipterocarp Tree

Dipterocarp trees have 500 species all across the world. Out of the 500 species, 30 are found in Thailand.Dipterocarp, when broken down, means “food with two swings.” They grow at an excellent rate. They can be found in the height range of 40-70 m. Also, they are a rare species.According to the latest updates, Dipterocarps have been placed on the IUCN red list. Their relentless picking and logging have taken them into an endangered category. It's high time we join hands to protect such a unique variety of fauna in our environment.

Coconut Palm

Coconut Palm is one of the most known trees across the world. They are large palms that can grow up to 30 metres.Leaves of a coconut palm can grow anywhere between 4 to 6 m. They are evergreen and have a feather-like feel. These trees become most productive between the age group 10-15 years.A coconut palm tree can produce 50 to 200 coconuts per year quickly. Thailand is one of the biggest producers of coconut, and its consumption justifies the production. Coconuts are rich in electrolytes and various vitamins; that’s why they are consumed by a large population almost daily.


A massive misconception among a considerable population is that the Banana is a tree. The truth is Bananas are a kind of herb and one of the most prominent herbs on this planet. Its tree has no bark but only consists of fibre.There are two varieties of bananas- sweet and savoury. Both the varieties are used according to the purpose they are required for.Most of the bananas produced are infertile. Since most are unproductive, the bananas can’t be grown by planting a regular specimen. So instead, they are made by a proper method of the plantation.


Bamboo has more than 1200 types of species all over the world. Out of the 1200 species, 40 are found in Thailand itself.Bamboos are a member of the “grass” family. They are the tallest members of the grass family. They are powerful, and their tensile strength is equivalent to steel. Because of this property, they are used in multiple construction activities too.They are also the fastest growing plant on the earth, and in some cases, they can produce 1 meter daily. Thus, many bamboo plantations are not easy to manage, and proper vigilance is required for bamboo production.

Fauna At Khao Sok National Park

Another beautiful aspect tourists will discover on a Khao Sok National Park tour: is the proper balance of flora and fauna. The national park is a mini-ecosystem in itself. The diverse animal kingdom of the park includes 48 mammal species, 311 species of bird, 30+ species of bats, and reptiles.


A wide variety of mammals are found in the Khao Sok. Khao Sok’s previous consensus had estimated there are 48 different mammal species. Every mammal can be found in the national park based on its source of nutrition.The fiery cats can be found in Khao Sok. In addition, there have been regular sightings of Tiger, Clouded Leopard, and Leopard in the various parts of the park. Also, cute-looking but fierce Malayan Sun Bear can be found in the wild.Multiple insectivores, herbivores, gibbons, and macaques can be easily spotted in these dense rainforests.


There are more than 311 different bird species that can be found in Khao Sok National Park. In addition, one can find some rare and exotic species sitting on the branches of trees and their sounds resonating throughout the national park.Among the 311 species, one can find the majestic Great Hornbill, which has a huge wingspan and is the tiniest sunbird. The variety of species can leave anyone’s mouth open. The birds found in the Khao Sok are Buffy Fish Owl, Olive-Backed Sunbird, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Osprey, Crested Serpent Eagle, Little Egret, etc.


Smaller in size but have a very significant population in the woods. One can find multiple of these clung to the barks, leaves, etc., in the rainforest. Insects also play an essential role in maintaining the balance of an ecosystem.There are multiple species of insect found in the rainforest. Just keep your eyes open during the Khao Sok National Park tour, and you’ll find spiders, scorpions, tarantulas, moths, and the highlight of the rainforest, i.e., the Jewel Beetle.They interrupt the solace of the whole rainforest. Many of them aim for the sky while buzzing in the rainforest.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Apart from the big cats, the rainforest is crawling with multiple reptiles & amphibians. For example, there are over 170 species of snake in Thailand, and out of the 48 are venomous. On the other hand, there haven't been several beef cases in Thailand, maximum being 20 per year.Multiple snakes and reptiles are found in the Khao Sok National Park. These species are red-tailed green rat snake, mangrove pit viper, mangrove snake, monocled cobra, reticulated python, the excellent king cobra, etc.The amphibians like leeches, Asian water monitors, frogs, etc., can also be found in the rainforest, along with the sightings of snakes.

Facts About Khao Sok National Park

  • A vast ecosystem of flora and fauna is found in the Khao Sok National Park
  • It’s a perfect spot for trekking and exploring the depths of a rainforest
  • The limestone cliffs outlining the Khao Sok National Park are an exceptional attractions
  • Khao Sok National Park tour has such a lush landscape because of no change in the equatorial position of Thailand in the last 160 million years
  • The national park has two different times for the visitors. One is the Khao Sok National Park Day tour, and the other is the Khao Sok National Park tour.
  • National is situated in Southern Thailand and to the north of Phuket

Why Visit Khao Sok National Park

  • Khao Sok National Park is home to numerous species of flora and fauna.
  • The magnificent Cheow Larn Lake flows right through the heart of the national park and is a major attraction in itself.
  • Tourists can go on multiple exploration treks throughout the national park
  • Cave exploration and trekking are some fantastic activities carried out every day.
  • The luxurious raft houses and tents on the shores of Cheow Larn Lake are worth checking out.
  • One of the best jungle safari experiences across Thailand
  • Accessible modes of transportation and pick-up & drop services are available.

Know Before You Visit Khao Sok National Park

Essential Information


The national park is located in southern Thailand. One can easily find it on the map on the Northern side of Phuket


The Khao Sok National Park tour starts early in the morning at around 6 AM. Timings vary according to the different times of national park

Day Tour Timings - 7:00 AM - 8:00PM

Overnight Tour Timings - 5:30 PM Onwards

Best Time To Visit:

The best time to visit Khao Sok National Park is between June to September. Multiple activities are conducted in the national park best suited for the rainy season.

How to Reach:

The national park is situated north of Phuket. The pickup and drop services are available from designated pickup points in the city. Also, pick up and drop services directly from the hotel.

Khao Sok National Park FAQs

Can we feed the animals inside Khao Sok National Park?

The national park was designed to provide a designated space for flora and fauna of Khao Sok to flourish. Also, arrangements were in place for all the visitors to get near nature. However, to maintain the decorum of the national park, tourists are not allowed to offer anything to the animals.

Is it safe for kids to visit Khao Sok National Park?

National Park doesn’t have any age restrictions or guidelines for the kids. But it is advised that kids remain under the supervision of an adult throughout the tour to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. All the safety measures are in place from the authority’s side, but still, precautions are always better

What is the best time to visit Khao Sok National Park?

The best time to visit Khao Sok National Park is from June to September. Multiple activities are conducted in the national park best suited for the rainy season.Thus, you are advised to plan accordingly to get the best experience out of the tour.

What makes Khao Sok National Park so popular?

The lush green landscape of Khao Sok National Park is a house to a massive variety of flora and fauna. The Cheow Larn Lake at the heart of this national park is like a cherry on the top of the cake.The vast area of the national park offers multiple activities, from trekking to canoeing, thus is every adventurous person’s paradise.

Are there wild animals inside Khao Sok National Park?

Yes, the fauna of the Khao Sok National Park is enormous. There are over 48 mammal species, 311 species of bird, more than 30 species of bats, and countless reptiles, and insects in the woods.

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