White Water Rafting in Phuket

About White Water Rafting In Phuket

With various amazing locations for water rafting, there is adventure and thrill awaiting for tourists who indulge in a white water rafting tour in Phuket. The activity is best suited for adventure seekers and enthusiastic travellers who wish to enjoy their time soaking in the pristine waters of Thailand. The amazing scenery, the pumping adrenaline, fun experience and all attracts thrillseekers from around the globe to enjoy white water rafting in Phuket.

The adventurous activity is best enjoyed at one of the most beautiful mountain rivers in the Phang Nga province of Phuket. The tour includes action packed tide across the strong currents of the river and is around 5-9km long. More than often tourists combine this amazing experience with other thrilling activities. The more adventurous visitors like to enjoy white water rafting with elephant rides, ATV Quad bike tours, zip line or other adventure activities available in Phuket. During the white water rafting experience visitors will get to visit the dense jungle of khao lak and also get to the beautiful waterfall of Tone Pariwat. The rush of enjoying rafting amidst the lush landscapes and for approximately 5 kilometers brings back many travelers again and again to the beautiful ideals.

Highlights Of White Water Rafting In Phuket

  • Visitors will enjoy an adventurous day while taking part in their white water rafting tour amidst the green landscapes of Phuket.
  • The adrenalin rush felt while crossing 5km of the strong currents of the river amidst the mountains is definitely going to be a great opportunity for thrill seekers.
  • The beautiful scenery of the jungles makes for an amazing backdrop for great shots and also provides a sense of tranquility and peace.
  • Visitors also get to enjoy other activities as more than often the activity is included with a combo package for experiencing Phuket at its best.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of the wildlife sanctuary at Phang Nga and also get to experience non stop action with their friends/ family.

Package Options For White Water Rafting In Phuket

White water rafting in Phuket is one of the most adventurous activities that any thrill seeker can enjoy on the island. More than often the white water rafting tour is included with another activity and a combo package for a better experience on the cat island. Guests can include other activities like ATV rides, Elephant trekking, zip lining and such to add more adventure to their day tour.

White Water Rafting And Elephant Trekking

Visitors will get to experience a whole day full of fun activities that will keep their adventurous side entertained and enjoy the best of Phuket's beautiful scenery. This combo package includes both white water rafting tour of 5 km and then a 30min elephant trekking through the dense jungles.The visitors will also get access to herb sauna, get lunch, seasonal fruits and drinking water in addition to hotel transfers and a professional English speaking guide.

White Water Rafting And Zipline

This tour package combines exciting adventure activities of white water rafting and zipline in the beautiful island of Phuket. Visitors will get to experience water rafting at the Phang Nga Rafting Camp and then they get to the zipline with a stunning view of the lush landscapes. Within this tour package they will get access to the national park, get helmets on life jackets, meals during the day tour, and will also get the professional assistance of an English speaking guide. The package also includes hotel transfers and a sightseeing tour to the nearby waterfall.

White Water Rafting And Zipline + Elephant Trekking

To make the best of the day on Phuket island this is probably the most amazing tour package for adventure seekers and thrill lovers. Visitors will get to enjoy three amazing and adventurous activities including white water rafting. Crossing a 5 km fast flowing river and then walking through a dense jungle on the back of the intelligent elephants this experience is one of its kind. They will also get to zipline across the lush landscape. In addition to all this visitors get means, hotel transfers, and English speaking professional guide and activity gears in this tour package.

White Water Rafting And ATV

White water rafting and ATV are among the most thrilling activities that adventure seekers look for during their vacation. This tour package brings together both of these amazing and thrilling activities for tourists to enjoy, As they can cross the fast flowing river in Phang Nga and then head forward to enjoy a ride on the ATV quad bike in the muddy terrain. In addition, guests enjoy delectable meals including seasonal fruits and local flavours. They get assistance by a professional English speaking guide and are also offered Hotel pick up and drop off through shared transfer.

White Water Rafting And ATV + Elephant Trekking

The ultimate white water rafting tour, this package includes both an ATV Quad bike ride and elephant trekking. Crossing a fast flowing river, walking through a dense jungle on the back of one of the most diligent animals, and experiencing a rush of adrenaline on the quad bike is the best way to spend the day at Phuket Island. The package includes admission to the adventure activities in addition to all the gears required for a Safe experience. Visitors are also given access to the national park and the herb Shona. In addition to all this they enjoy delectable meals including seasonal fruits on local flavours and were assisted by a professional English speaking guide.

White Water Rafting And ATV + Zip Lining

The perfect tour package for adventure seekers who wish to take it all at one time. From the amazing activity of white water rafting to soaring above the ground on a zip line and then riding a quad bike on muddy terrain - this package gives the ultimate adrenaline rush. The tour package includes safety gears, helmets and life jackets for the visitors enjoying activities included in the package. Guests will also get transfer services to pick them up and drop them off at their designated hotel. They even get assistance from a professional English speaking guide and enjoy delectable flavours of local dishes during the day tour.

Private Rafting & Elephant Trekking Tour

If visitors are travelling in a small group of their own they can opt for private rafting with elephant trekking. The activity includes crossing the fast flowing table with your private group instead of strangers. Explore the beauty of cat island in it’s surrounding mountains and the dense jungle. Guests get the facility of round-trip transfers. They also get to enjoy authentic local flavours during their meals which includes lunch as part of the package.

Know Before You Do White Water Rafting In Phuket

Essential Information
  • Visitors are always advised to listen to their instructors during their white water rafting tour as they know the best routes and will take you through beautiful spots ensuring you of a good time.
  • Visitors are also advised to always keep the life jacket on, no matter if they know swimming or not. Wearing helmet all the time is a must while river rafting. These protective gears ensures your safety at all times.
  • Don’t keep anything valuable with you while rafting
  • It is suggested to wear synthetic outfit as they dry very quickly.
  • Since the better part of the day will be spent outdoors under the sun it is best to apply sunscreen to avoid sun damage.
  • It is recommended to have mosquito and insect repellent with you


Do we have to undergo any medical test before doing white water rafting?

No, visitors do not have to undergo any medical test before their white water rafting tour. However it is advisable to avoid rafting if tourists are suffering from any disease or medical condition that can be affected by adventure sports. Overweight, pregnant or sick tourists are restricted to indulge in water rafting as this is a risky and adventurous water sport.

What makes White Water Rafting so famous in Phuket?

The reason why white water rafting in Phuket is so popular is because of mountain rivers and strong currents. These conditions are ideal for both professionals and rookies to enjoy the amazing adventure activity and experience the thrill that come along with it.

What is the best time to experience White Water Rafting?

The best time to enjoy white water rafting in Phuket is during the rainy season that is through the months of June to November. During these months the river is flowing at amazing speed with strong currents and provides a wonderful experience to the thrill seekers.

Can kids do white water rafting?

Kids above the age of eight can enjoy white water rafting however they are limited to less strong currents and have to be accompanied by an adult at all times. Kids below the age of five are not allowed to indulge in white water rafting at all.

How long does the White Water Rafting last?

The approximate time taken for white water rafting is three hours. However, it also depends on the length of the river rafting program and the level of rapids you have opted for. At present the rafting tour program is of three courses, 5kms,7kms and 9kms with four level of rapids.

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