About Parasailing In Phuket

The largest island in Thailand, Phuket, is well-known to tourists from all over the world for various reasons. Phuket offers it all be its gorgeous beaches, a rich cultural history, breathtaking undersea scenery, savory cuisine, or other exhilarating activities. Parasailing in Phuket is one of the major attractions on this island, which also has a lot of other things to do and a fantastic beach resort. Phuket might meet your needs if you're seeking adventure and a holiday filled with water activities. One of South East Asia's finest locations for water sports in Phuket. The water sport that will offer you the most adrenaline thrill is parasailing. In Phuket, parasailing is available on several beaches; however, Patong Beach is the most alluring location.

Following a brief safety orientation and the distribution of a life jacket, riders are fastened to the harness, which connects them to the rope and parachute. As a speedboat pulls them out into the bay, a support worker directs them into the air, hoping that their experience will guarantee a secure landing. Please remember that there is a little chance your travel insurance provider will provide coverage if something goes wrong.

Why Do Parasailing In Phuket?

Parasailing In Phuket
  • Parasailing is the most exciting water sport that you will see on many beaches in Phuket. You can enjoy the thrill of parasailing in Phuket with the best safety.
  • Besides parasailing, this beach offers a variety of water sports, including parasailing in Phuket, sea walking, banana boating, and scuba diving.
  • To engage in these aquatic sports, you may take a 20-minute boat ride to the exclusive banana beach. After a journey on a bun boat, you may observe marine life and get the opportunity to fly into the air while taking in the breathtaking sights of the ocean.
  • You can seek assistance from a skilled instructor who will make sure to make this experience an amazing one. Your safety will be taken care of, and instructors will make sure you are thoroughly enjoying the activity.

Best Places To Do Parasailing in Phuket

As Phuket offers watersports practically all year long, parasailing may be experienced there at any time. Nevertheless, if you're seeking the finest season, May through October are fantastic for enjoying this water sport. These months have bright days and quiet seas. The wind current also contributes to the favourable parasailing environment.

Parasailing At Banana Beach
Banana Beach

One of Phuket's most stunning beaches, Banana Beach, is a terrific place to relax and have fun. It has white powder sand and clear blue water. You may enjoy the various amenities offered, which include a zipline and many different water sports. The beach club offers a live DJ, a variety of food and beverages, and a place to unwind. You may try out activities like parasailing, banana boating, and kayaking. After that, you may go to Promthep Cave to see the sunset. A complimentary glass of sparkling wine is available for you to raise a toast to the day's finish. With your loved ones, you may take in the serene atmosphere while posing for the photographer so you can take home some beautiful memories.

Kata Beach
Kata Beach

One of Phuket's most stunning beaches and a fantastic destination is Kata Beach. The environment is lovely, and the water is extremely clear. It offers everything, from the gentle beach to the ideal weather, from exhilarating watersports to the vibrant nightlife. This is one of Phuket's finest beaches for parasailing, so consider yourself informed. Being a family-friendly beach, one may enjoy themselves at Kata Beach with their family and children. The beach is surrounded by several trees that provide some shade. Through local operators, you may participate in activities like parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boating. While weekends witness a sudden surge of visitors and residents, weekdays are tranquil and less busy.

Karon Beach
Karon Beach

One of Phuket's well-known beaches, Karon Beach, attracts a large number of tourists each season. This beach is beautiful and ideal for sunbathing, unwinding, and relaxation. It is clean year-round and features white sand. Even though it might get crowded, there are ample places to sit by yourself and take in the surf and weather. Other popular activities include paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkelling. Parasailing is one of these. The famous Karon Temple and other tourist sights in Phuket may be visited after enjoying parasailing here in the early morning when the sun isn't too scorching. There are many dining options nearby, as well as boutiques selling beachwear.

Parasailing In Phuket
Racha Island

Visit Racha Island, one of Thailand's deserted islands, if you're on a long holiday in Phuket and want to experience the most of it. It is a tropical island with calm surroundings and a blue ocean. Racha Island is a wonderful area to spend the day and engage in water activities like parasailing and snorkelling since it is so calm and tranquil. Full-day trips to this island are offered by tour companies on the mainland and include a few activities like parasailing and snorkelling. The majority of tour companies provide one-day packages that include transportation from your accommodation to the island as well as water sports like parasailing and snorkelling. The main attraction of this place is its location, away from the crowded mainland.

Parasailing In Phuket
Coral Island

Another place to experience parasailing in Phuket is Ko He, popularly known as Coral Island. Coral Island, a day trip from Phuket, is a must if you're visiting Phuket and want to experience it to the fullest. There is no better way of spending the day than Coral Island, which is 10 kilometres south of Phuket and where you can relax and take in the peace and quiet. A secluded cove and magnificent beach can be found here, both of which are surrounded by coral reefs. Scuba diving, sea walking, and parasailing are just a few of the most exciting things available if you're seeking something more.

Parasailing In Phuket
Patong Beach

The hub of Phuket's parasailing activity is Patong Beach. Many visitors test out parasailing at this location for the first time. Patong Beach is among the most well-known tourist spots in Phuket, and for a good reason. The beach has grown increasingly busy over time, and more local vendors than other Phuket beaches provide visitors with water activities here. For partygoers, beach bums, and adventure seekers, this is one of the trendiest beaches and their one-stop shop. In Patong, you may spend the day participating in water activities and the evenings dancing in one of the city's clubs. Visit Patong's go-go bars and the street food market. Parasailing, banana boat excursions, and other adventurous activities are available.

Tips To Do Parasailing In Phuket

Parasailing In Phuket
  • Before parasailing, check with the operators to find the appropriate age group.
  • Ensure that parasailing doesn't take place near the rocky or otherwise difficult ground.
  • Watch the weather since it ought to be sunny and not overcast, which might indicate a storm or any kind of wind.
  • You should inform the instructor if you are afraid to undertake the sport alone but still want to take advantage of the opportunity because two individuals can enjoy parasailing together.
  • If this is your first time parasailing in Phuket, request the instructors for hand signals or allow them to give you a briefing.


Do we have to undergo any medical tests before doing Parasailing in Phuket?

    Yes, since the pandemic, the COVID-19 test has been mandatory for all visitors. A negative report is needed before parasailing in Phuket.

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