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Somewhere in the beautiful waters of Phang Nga Bay, Thailand, lies an island known as James Bond Island. Originally Khao Phing Kan, this island was an unknown emerald until it got featured in the 1974 bond movie “The man with a golden gun” and soon turned out to be the most attractive spot in the country.

Tourists take a long 9-hour trip either from Phuket or Krabi to this land via a speedboat, long-tail boat, or cruise. In their journey on the James Bond island boat tour, turquoise waters touching back and forth this standing nail-like structure gives the view worth dying for.

Not only can you enjoy a day amidst the serene nature, but you can also indulge in a session of photography along the green grass-covered limestone rocks, mangrove swamps, lagoons, beautiful white-sand beaches, and caves possessing ancient carvings.

You can enjoy your food at the small fishing village while witnessing the native lifestyle and indulge in fun activities at this place such as canoeing, kayaking, speed boating, and scuba diving.

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  • Visit the famous needle-shaped James Bond Island located on Thailand's west coast

  • Kayak through the scenic caves, mangroves swamps & lagoons at Hong Island

  • Admire the breathtaking view of the Panak Island while taking a swim in the lagoon

  • Indulge in an exciting ride on a speedboat from Ao Poe Pier to Phang Nga Bay

  • Witness the beauty of the mangrove forest & ancient paintings at the island

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Activities To Do In James Bond Island

The James Bond island private tour includes a list of numerous thrilling activities that you can do on this island. These activities let you experience the beautiful views of the nail-like James bond island, Islands like Phang Nga Bay, Hong Island, Naga Noi Island, and Khao Khian, lagoons. You can move around the sea caves along with the enjoyment of crossing the mangrove growth on turquoise waters.

hese activities include the most famous canoeing, followed by sailing and kayaking.

James Bond Island Tour

To experience the best James Bond island tour, a tour in a Kayak is a must. Kayaking is an adventure water sport that involves a solo traveler to move around in a v-shaped boat known as the kayak. A single person paddles to move through the water, hence making the experience quite sporty. Most tourists prefer doing Kayaking either solo or in pairs at Phang Nga Bay which further takes the travelers into the narrow sea caves. One can also opt for a session of Kayaking during sunsets to experience the best views of such enchanting places.

James Bond Island Tour
Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the most thrilling thing to do on the islands as it can make you feel weightless and can give you the feeling of traveling into three dimensions! Going deep into the Andaman waters will give you a glimpse of the foundation of such rare limestone structures. You will be able to catch glimpses of beautiful corals, sea animals and plants.

James Bond Island Tour

The James bond island tour is incomplete without Canoeing as it is the most loved part. Canoeing is a form of water sport involving a canoe, a light-weight narrow boat that can carry up to 2-3 people. It is an adventure sport activity done in forms of racing, touring or traveling. Canoeing along the waters around James Bond Island will give you a chance to explore different places such as mangrove forests, sea caves, Naka Noi Island, Hong Island, the mountainous region of Khao Khian, and the vast Phang Nga Bay. Canoeing with your companions along the crystal clear waters of the Panak and Hong islands remains one of the most popular activities to do on the James Bond island boat tour.

James Bond Island Tour

Sailing through the blissful waters of Thailand is the calmest activity to do while enjoying the mesmerizing views. The James Bond island tour package includes sailing either by a speedboat or by a long-tail boat. The long-tail boat carries around ten people and has limited options for eating on board.. Speed boat is an option that gets you close to see this limestone very quickly. Tourists start their journey early in the morning. Sailing lets the tourists enjoy the beautiful views of the infamous Monkey cave, the pristine Phang Nga Bay, the fascinating Muslim fishing village on Koh Panyee Island and a lot more.

Places To Explore On James Bond Island Tour

Before planning to pay a visit to this destination, you should be aware of the gems that this bond island possesses. One would usually think that the area consists of only the strange green-grass-covered rock structures. Well, not only this but the area consists of several nearby islands where you can chill around, explore forests, caves and what not!

Panak Island, Mangrove forest, Hong island, Nga Noi island, and Khao Khian are some of the most popular tourist spots covered in the best James Bond island tour.

James Bond Island Tour
Panak Island

Famous for cliffs, small waterfalls, incredible caves possessing stalactites, and lagoons, this island never fails to make its Mark! It would be unusual if you didn’t find any monkeys swimming across the water. The most important highlight of this island is the exploration of the caves. The tour of the caves requires the travelers to climb up and these caves are known to have some ancient carvings. Khang Khao Cave, Ice Cream Cave, and Gong Gang Cave are the names of some popular caves explored by the tourists on the James Bond island tour.

James Bond Island Tour
Mangrove forest

Phang Nga Bay possesses Thailand’s largest existing Mangrove forests and exploring these forests is a main highlight of the James Bond island boat tour. Usually, travelers get their thrill by taking a long-tail boat and exploring the mangrove-lit forest surrounding the waters. You can canoe in this forest or just sit in your boat while enjoying the sight and observing nature’s own basket in the forest. Even if you take any James Bond island tour package, you just won’t be able to skip visiting the largest mangrove forest in Thailand.

James Bond Island Tour
Hong Island

One of the main attractions of this tour is Hong Island. This island is located in the province of Krabi, which lies in the south of Thailand. Not only does this island have limestone cliffs that are governed by turquoise waters, but this place is also home to soft and sweet white sand sitting on the beach of Hong. The most popular thing on this island is hailed as Hong Lagoon which can be reached by passing through a narrow rock opening. Snorkeling is usually what travelers do here, hence making it one of the best parts of the James Bond island tour.

James Bond Island Tour
Naka Noi Island

Situated to the east of Phuket, Naga Noi island is a famous spot for snorkeling. This small island is merely a kilometer long hence can be easily explored in your James Bond island boat tour. Its uniformly stretched beach with shady overhanging coconut palms is an eye-catcher for the tourists to relax. The most special thing about this place is the sunset, the beautiful view of the setting sun behind the Phuket island. Travelers and people of Thailand usually spend their weekends on this island as this is a quick go-to picnic spot.

James Bond Island Tour
Phang Nga Bay

This island is situated between the southern mainland of Thailand and it is known by another name, "Ao Phang Nga National Park”. Not only in the typographical sense, but this island is historically rich. Dating back to the prehistoric period, a lot of ancient carvings, paintings, stone tools, and pottery items were found on the island. James Bond Island is a part of this vast group of islands. This place has the largest mangrove forest in Thailand that is a part of the exploration of the James Bond island tour package.

James Bond Island Tour
Khao Khian

At an elevation of 960 ft, lies the mountain lining of Khao Khian in Ao Phang Nga National Park. This limestone structure lies just 2-3 m above sea level and is the home of prehistoric paintings of men, monkeys, dolphins, and different animals found here. Apart from the islands and water, this is the only mountainous part of the James Bond island private tour.

Highlights Of James Bond Island Tour

Exotic Flora and Fauna
James Bond Island Tour
  • Take a closer look at the island that got featured twice in the James Bond movies.
  • This place is known for its grass-covered pinnacle-like structure standing still in the emerald waters.
  • The entire trip to explore James Bond island is about 8-9 hours long which takes tourists to see the beauty of beaches, mangrove forests, lagoons, ancient caves, etc.
  • Tourists come in masses to enjoy activities like canoeing, kayaking, and speed boating every year

How To Reach James Bond Island

James Bond Island Tour
From Phuket
  • By Long Tail Boat: A long-tail boat will slowly take you to this island in the Phang Nga Bay National Park. You can get yourself a boat from the northeast corner of the city. This gets you to the place in an hour.
  • By Speedboat: Passing through the mangrove forests, you can speedboat to James Bond Island. This is a usual 8-hour trip that tourists take to explore this place.
  • By Cruise: While having Tasty food in a long 8-hour journey, you can reach this island. Cruise offers you to experience different kinds of foods and beverages on board.
James Bond Island Tour
From Krabi

You can take the James Bond island tour from Krabi as well. It can be done by a speedboat in an 8-9 hour journey involving a lot of sightseeing.

By Speedboat, tourists are taken to their destination by a speeding boat, which is comfortable as well as fun when riding. Taking a speedboat is the most common way of indulging in a James Bond island tour.

Know Before You Go To James Bond Island Tour

Essential Information
Best Time To Visit
James Bond Island Tour


James Bond Island, originally named Khao Phing Kan or Ko Khao Phing Kan, is an island in Thailand, in Phang Nga Bay northeast of Phuket. The island is a limestone karst tower and is a part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park.

Must Do Things in Island:

While visiting this island, people mostly enjoy the turquoise water and the breath-taking view while traveling in boats or on cruises. One can go canoeing and kayaking and can explore the beautiful caves and enjoy the mangrove forests while seeing ancient carvings.

Traveler Tips To Visit James Bond Island

  • Avoid going to James Bond Island during the rainy season as it can hinder enjoyment. The best time to visit this place is the months of November, February and March.
  • Sun protection: It can be hotter on the water as compared to the land. So, don’t forget to carry protection against the sun including sunscreen and sunglasses. Also, keep yourself regularly hydrated.
  • For enjoying your James Bond island private tour, you need to bring a bag to protect your electronics, such as phones and cameras, from water. A waterproof backpack would work wonders while doing activities such as speed boating, canoeing, etc.
  • While visiting Naka Noi Island, keep in mind that this is an extremely small island. There is no accommodation or restaurants available, so it is harder to stay overnight. In any case of a long visit of a few hours, don’t forget to carry an adequate amount of food and water.
  • To understand the historic paintings in the caves and hills, one is advised to have a proper tour guide. The tour guide will help the travelers learn about the history of the place, along with showing different and important parts of the journey.

James Bond Island Tour FAQs

How much time do we need to explore James Bond Island fully?

    It takes around 9 hours to take a James Bond island tour including Phang Nga Bay, Hong Island and Khai Island by a speed boat.

How much is the Phuket-James Bond Island distance?

Do we need to book the James Bond Island tour in advance?

Are we allowed to take photos while sightseeing?

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