About Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket is, quite simply, an enormous park created for both adults and children to have a fun-filled day in the warm tropical island seas. With its multicolour and beautifully adorned structures, the park is easy to recognise on the roadside of Cherngtalay. The area features a lagoon, which is 17,000 square meters, a striking restaurant complex, a wide variety of water sports, including water slides, zip lines, and paddleboards.

The several sets of water slides that surround Blue Tree Lagoon are, of course, the primary draws. The cannon slides propel one high in the air before the inevitable splash below. The Blue Lagoon also features a zipline adventure, and an artificial rock for climbing and diving off. Blue Tree provides guests with more than simply water sports. There are several land activities that visitors may enjoy, including a skating rink to an outstanding trapeze workout.

Living up to its reputation as a family attraction, Blue Tree Phuket also features rides and attractions tailored especially towards children: the Kids’ Planet is for the youngest guests at the park, while older children can enjoy the Family Fun Zone. The adventure park is also home to a number of eclectic dining options, ranging from food trucks to fine dining restaurants.

Blue Tree Phuket Water Park Tickets

Why To Book Blue Tree Phuket Tickets?

One of Phuket’s biggest family destinations, Blue Tree is a must visit if you’re visiting in long groups and looking for a day of fun or adventure. Booking the Blue Tree Phuket water park tickets online assures one a hassle free entry into the attraction, saving them the trouble of having to wait long queues to enter the area. Purchasing one’s Blue Tree Phuket tickets online also gets them a good discount on the entry price.

Blue Tree Phuket
  • The Blue Tree Phuket Tickets grant one a seamless entry into all of the zones within Blue Tree
  • The vast Blue Lagoon awaits one with its crystal clear waters, and a plethora of adventure sports to choose from
  • The Skate Park is the newest attraction at Blue Tree, and welcomes skaters across all levels of expertise
  • The Ninja Warrior Zone tests one's mettle by challenging them with obstacle courses of varying difficulties
  • The Kids’ Planet is a specialized play area designed especially for children between the ages of 1 and 6
  • If you’re tired of the water sports outside, head over to the Lifetime Village for some indoor adventures with the family
  • Catch any of the live events and performances that are currently taking place at the Blue Tree Arena

Zones In Blue Tree Phuket

The Blue Tree Phuket tickets allow one entry into all of the zones inside the adventure park. The Blue Lagoon, of course, is the biggest zone here, and includes a vast fun lagoon with plenty of adventures and rides to choose from. The Lifetime Village is an exciting indoor park for those tired of spending their time outdoors. Kids’ Planet caters especially to the younger guests at Blue Tree Phuket, while the Blue Tree Arena is the go-to destination to catch any of the live performances or events organized here.

Blue Tree Phuket
Blue Lagoon

Located right at the heart of Blue Tree, the Blue Lagoon captures the center of one’s attention. The Blue Tree Lagoon offers a variety of games, slides, and activities for all ages. The Family Zone is a special play area for children, manned by lifeguards at all times. Those looking to rock climb or cliff dive can scale the Pinnacle's heights, which are situated directly in the Blue Tree Lagoon. From the cliff's summit, take on a challenge and enjoy breathtaking 360° views as a reward. Then dive right into the 4.5-meter-deep, crystalline blue water. Alternatively, for the ultimate aquatic sensation, launch yourself from one of four various sized Super Fly slide ramps 6 to 10 meters into the air. As if this weren’t enough, the Blue Lagoon also features a Skate Park, a zipline across the pool, and an activity zone called Ninja Warrior.

Blue Tree Phuket
Blue Tree Arena

With a seating capacity of 3,000, Blue Tree Phuket's entertainment area offers Phuket's first open-air amphitheater, making it the ideal venue for holding sizable live concerts and events. A number of fun performances and live gigs are held here from time to time. These include group zumba sessions, live DJ performances and dance competitions. The events are updated from time to time, and can be checked from the official website of Blue Tree Phuket.

Blue Tree Phuket
Kids Planet

Bring your kid to a great location made specifically for the small ones, ages 1.5 to 6 years, to find enjoyment, companionship, and new experiences. At Kids Planet, the qualified and welcoming team will give children attentive care and a dynamic environment where they will be content and enjoy a variety of play spaces. The Kids Planet adhere to the idea that play is the cornerstone of young children's growth. The rooms at Kids Planet are all named and themed differently- Little Lady Bug Room, Big Bear Room, Sand Garden and Little Squirrel Garden. Each room caters to children of different age groups, and contains the appropriate toys and games.

Blue Tree Phuket
Lifetime Village

Those tired of their time outside can head over to the Lifetime Village, an indoor family entertainment complex that provides the most family-friendly activities possible. A huge trampoline arena, foam pit, zipline, donut slide, roller skating rink, climbing net, pirate ship playground, Lego zone, carousels, and other attractions are just a few of the activities available. Adventure Village raises the bar for enjoyment by combining traditional games and activities with cutting-edge apparatus.

Activities To Do In Blue Tree Phuket

From extreme sports to a day of family fun, the Blue Tree Phuket tickets assure one of an exciting day out with a group. Those with the Blue Tree Phuket water park tickets can take full advantage of the many activities at the Blue Lagoon- ziplining, cliff diving and the family fun zone are only three of the many adventures here. However, those looking for a different experience can also head over to the Ninja Warrior Zone or the Skate Park.

Blue Tree Phuket

Ziplining is, undoubtedly, one of the most fun things to try on one’s Blue Tree Phuket tickets. The Zipline at the adventure park is an overwater zipline, and takes place across the Blue Lagoon that sits at the heart of the park. Zipliners are harnessed to a wire cable and propelled from one end of the vast lagoon to the other. Zipliners also get the opportunity to have their experiences recorded on film or camera.

Blue Tree Phuket
Cliff Jump

If scaling cliffs had been a part of your bucket list, you can now tick it off the list! At the very heart of the Blue Lagoon sits the Pinnacle, Blue Tree’s very own climbing rock. Take on a challenge as you scale the cliff's peak and be rewarded with stunning 360-degree views. Do not worry, if you slip, you only fall into the pool below. End your climb with a fantastic jump off the Pinnacles edge as you plunge into the crystal-clear, 4.5-meter-deep water.

Blue Tree Phuket
Super Fly

The Super Fly is a special cannonball slide, and is an absolute must try on one’s Blue Tree Phuket Water park tickets. The Super Fly ride comes with cannons of four sizes, each one propelling riders to a different height. Riders are cautioned to choose a cannon depending on their thrill appetite online. The cannon shoots one about 6 to 10 meters into the air, following which one splashes right into the lagoon that sprawls underneath.

Blue Tree Phuket
Ninja Warrior

If you’re willing to test your strength and stamina a little more than an average adventure park visit would allow, head over to the Ninja Warrior to test your mettle. The obstacle course is a survival of the fittest, and tests one with several different challenges: monkey bars, spinning logs, torso sways, Salmon Ladders and much more.

Blue Tree Phuket
Skate Park

The newest addition to Blue Tree Phuket tickets, the Skate Park is a special skating arena designed by skaters for skaters. This park has been designed to accommodate all skill levels, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional skater. It was built with the idea that anybody who wants to learn may do so exclusively in this park. Everyone is welcome to participate, including skateboarders, longboarders, surf skaters, inline skaters, and roller skaters. The Skate Park is open to visitors of all ages; while those under the age of 11 must mandatorily wear all protective gear, those above the age limit may choose to wear only the helmet.

Blue Tree Phuket
Family Fun Zone

Blue Tree Phuket promises to be fun for visitors across all age groups, and delivers exactly that. A specialized play area called Family Fun Zone has water fountains, water slides and obstacles that are sure to keep youngsters amused and laughing all day. To make sure the experience is both safe and enjoyable, a lifeguard is on duty at all times.

Why Visit Blue Tree Phuket?

Blue Tree Phuket
  • Blue Tree Phuket is one of the city’s most accommodating family adventure destination, and has something for everybody
  • The Blue Tree Phuket water park tickets allow one access to the massive pool- the - Blue Lagoon- at the center of the park, along with all of the adventure activities that it has to offer
  • Those visiting with children can also spend some quality time at the Family Fun Zone or the Kids’ Planet
  • The Skater Park, Blue Tree’s newest addition, promises ramps and roads for skaters and bikers across all skill level
    • One can also participate in any of the interactive events or catch a live performance at the Blue Tree Arena

Know Before You Book

Essential Information
How To Reach
Blue Tree Phuket

Location: 4/https://www.2 Srisoonthorn, Srisoonthorn Rd., T.Cherngtalay, A. Thalang, Phuket, Thailand 83110


Lagoon 10AM – 7PM

TreeHouse 10AM – 10PM

Lifestyle Village 9AM – 9PM

Forest Zone 6AM – 7PM

Kids Planet 8.30AM – 7.30PM

Skate Park 10AM – 8PM

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Blue Tree Phuket would be during the summer months between November and February. The warmer months bring with them plenty of sunshine and good weather, making it the ideal time to enjoy the water park.


What makes Blue Tree Phuket so famous?

    Blue Tree Phuket is a one of a kind family destination, promising both water and land based adventures for visitors across all ages. What makes it so increasingly popular is the fact that the attractions here cater to tourists across all age groups and interests range: from expansive lagoons, to extreme sports, to live performances and even children’s play zones.

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Can we book Blue Tree Phuket Water Park Tickets online?

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