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In Phuket, one of the most popular attractions amongst the tourists is the Surf House Phuket which is situated on the west coast of Kata and Patong . With the use of wave simulators and a flow board, The Surf House Phuket is themed and created to give you the impression that you are surfing at sea. Isn't it astonishing that the Surf House Phuket offers up to 240–480 rides every hour of surfing at any season of the year and for any age? It is one of the best ways you can relax and unwind with your family and friends when in Phuket. You can enjoy non-stop surf action with the Flow Rider surf machine, which enables one to surf on a perfectly consistent sheet wave. The bottom and sides of the pool are lined with padded vinyl to ensure that you don't hurt yourself even if you fall. It is completely safe for everyone and makes it accessible for all ages from young, to old, and kids too.

Surf House Phuket Tickets

Why To Book Surf House Phuket Tickets?

The easiest way to skip the long queue and other inconveniences at the Surf House Phuket is to reserve your Surf House tickets online. In addition to that, you may also come across some attractive discounts by booking your tickets online.

surf house Phuket
  • With the help of wave simulation, get a real feel of the sea as you are on your flowboard.
  • Choose between packages that provide shared and double lane surfing opportunities depending on your preference.
  • Learn new techniques with the Surf House's knowledgeable and experienced English-speaking instructor
  • With the help of the site's high-quality safety equipment, enjoy surfing without any concern.
  • After practicing your surfing skills, have fun partying in the surf house, a facility with a Californian vibe.

Activities To Do in Surf House Phuket

With the tickets for surf house Phuket, you can enjoy the activities that are sure to pump up your adrenaline. The Surf House Phuket provides a surfing experience at sea themed simulation that offers options like Surfing, Flow-boarding and Bodyboarding built so well and safe that you don’t need any experience and can just get started.

Surf House Phuket

At Surf House Phuket, anybody and everyone can learn how to surf. You may try surfing while standing on a bodyboard or while lying on your stomach while using a flow board, or you can try out a variety of techniques and decide for yourself which suits you the best.

Surf House Phuket
Flow Boarding

Since the 1980s, flow boarding has developed into a fusion of surfing that uses a large amount of water that is pushed to create water wave sheets over a specifically created soft riding surface. Flow boarding is the more traditional way of surfing as you stand on the board. It could be a little challenging and yet exciting as compared to body boarding since you may require a little more practice to try it. The height requirement is 107cm for the Bodyboard and 122cm for the Flow board, irrespective of age.

Surf House Phuket
Body Boarding

Body-boarding involves a wide board and it is an easier way to surf and get into the sport. Irrespective of the fact if one is an adult or a child, one can easily lie on their stomach or kneel on the board and go for it. It’s the best option for beginners to try surfing and learn and practice. Body-boarding is easier than Flow boarding as it does not require any balancing or practice, which makes it more comfortable for people of any age group.

Know Before You Book Surf House Phuket tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach?
Surf House Phuket
  • If you’ve got your tickets for surf house Phuket, you can reach Surf House Phuket and check in 20 minutes before your booked activities.
  • The minimum height for Bodyboarding is 107cm
  • The minimum height for Flow boarding is 122cm.
  • Make sure your swimwear does not have items such as zippers, badges, buttons, pins, and other wearable accessories that could be dangerous.
  • Intoxicated patrons will be denied participation.
  • Face mask is a must before you enter the premises.
  • Temperature checks are done before the start of the activity.
  • Hand sanitizers are available easily at many spots.
  • The area is a no smoking-no drinking zone.


What is special about Surf House Phuket?

    The Surf House Phuket is a themed attraction point that is famous amongst its visitors as it imitates a feel of surfing for those who are not a pro, making it accessible for everyone.

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