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About Tiger Kingdom Phuket

An exciting and unique experience Tiger Kingdom in Phuket opened in July 2013 and is nestled just 15 minutes away from the Patang beach. The tiger kingdom is not a standard zoo and offers interactive sessions with the big cats. This is the world's leading facility to provide amazing encounters with the majestic animal. Guests will find here IndoChinese Tigers of varying ages and sizes ready to meet and greet the visitors.

Visitors with Tiger Kingdom tickets will experience an interactive and elect educational visit about the tigers in this unique tourist attraction. The comfortable haven for these wild creatures tries to provide them with their natural habitat and works on the conservation of these majestic cats. Visitors can touch the tigers of varying size, which depends on their size and height, and is a wonderful experience. During the visits we can also choose to get professional photographs which they can buy later on. Every animal encounter is going to last for around 10 minutes with the chosen Tiger and it is a thrilling encounter. Kids enjoy this experience the most as they get to learn about these wildlife creatures and interact with them from a safe space.

Why Book Tiger Kingdom Phuket Tickets?

It is advisable that guests book their tiger kingdom tickets in advance to ensure their entry and slots upon visit. This way guests do not have to wait in long queues. This place is a great way to learn about the magnig creatures and interact with these wild cats. This unique experience is both thrilling and educational as they will be able to touch them and watch them closely do their daily tasks.

  • Visitors will get to enjoy Tiger kingdom in Phuket and encounter the most amazing wild cat from the Asian jungle.
  • They also get to pet, cuddle and play with the magnificent tigers during their visits which range from the smallest newborns to the largest adults.
  • Get the chance to photograph with the pose alongside the mighty and magnificent cats and discover about the day to day life of these wildlife creatures.
  • The thrill of roaming around these beasts is going to be a great experience for adventure seekers.
  • Kids get to learn a lot about the wildlife creatures and experience a safe interaction with them.
  • Visitors will get access to the magnificent creatures through their tiger kingdom tickets.
  • The inclusion of most packages for admission to the park and 10 minutes late time with the tiger chosen by the visitors.
  • Some of these packages also include activities like playing with a cheetah that is one year old.
  • In addition to this visitors also get professional guides to ensure their safety and comfortable experience.
  • Visitors are able to observe the behavioral patterns of the tigers and help in their conservation by visiting this unique park.

Package Options At Tiger Kingdom Phuket

The Tiger Kingdom tickets package options allows visitors to choose from various available packages and interactions at the Tiger Kingdom Park. These packages include various playtimes with tigers of various sizes which visitors can choose during the booking. In addition to this choice visitors also get the help of professional staff and guides to ensure their safety and look after their comfort. Additionally, packages allow visitors to enjoy petting more than one animal during the playtime.

Medium Tiger Encounter

Visitors get to meet and greet a medium tiger and learn about its behavioural patterns, conservation, and protection. The medium tiger encounter is allowed only for visitors of 817 and above with a height of at least 160 cm. These visitors can access the cages of the magnificent wild cats and get to play for 10 minutes with them. A medium tiger is around one year old. Guests will be assisted by professional staff to ensure they do this the correct way and also look after their safety throughout the visit.

Big Tiger Encounter

The big tiger encounter tickets ensure that guests meet and greet with tigers during their visit. This pass also lets them access the cages of these tigers that are around two year old. We can learn about the behavior patterns, talk about conservation of these wildlife creatures, and aid in their protection. This pass is applicable only for visitors who are 18 or above. The minimum height requirement for this pass is 160 cm and visitors below this cannot interact with the big tigers. Visitors are also provided with professional rights to ensure their safety and comfort.

Giant Tiger Encounter

The giant tiger encounter is allowed only for visitors that are of the age 18 or above. This meet and greet includes interaction with the most adult tigers of the unique Park. Guests will be able to play for 10 minutes with these weird beasts and assess their behavioural patterns. During this time they will be assisted by professional staff who will ensure that the interaction goes the right way and is comfortable for the visitors as well as the Tigers.

Cheetah Encounter

In addition to the tigers this amazing Park also houses playful cheetahs which visitors can meet during their visit. Guests will be able to encounter the spotted wild cat and play with them with the Cheetah encounter pass. This pass is available even for children above age 10 and anyone under the age 16 has to be accompanied by adults during the visit. Guests will be able to play with the cheetah that is around 1 year old during their visit. They will also be aided by professional guides, who are there to ensure their safety during the interaction.

Cheetah + Big & Medium Tiger Combo

The combo package allows visitors to enjoy more than one interaction with these wildlife creatures. The cheetah plus big and medium tiger combo allows visitors to play with a cheetah that is 1 year old, in addition to 10 minutes play time with a big and medium Tiger. The guests will get to watch these animals up close and learn about their lifestyle as well as behaviour patterns. During this entire time they will be assisted by professional guides who will look after the safety and the comfort of the tigers as well.

Cheetah + Big, Medium & Giant Tiger Combo

The cheetah plus big, medium and giant Tiger combo is the best way to explore the entire Tiger kingdom in Phuket. This pass lets visitors enjoy 10 minutes play time with the tigers of all ages in addition to playing around with a cheetah. Visitors will be able to interact with these animals and then watch them up close performing the day to day tasks from a safe space. They’re also assisted by professional guides to ensure that the interactions take place in the right manner. They also check that both the visitors and the tigers are comfortable during the interactive sessions.

Tiger Kingdom And Conservation

The tiger kingdom in Phuket works towards conservation and protection of wildlife as well as the planet. It has launched various campaigns over the years to work towards plant conservation, saving the community, and educating the community to be more aware of their behaviour and how it affects the wildlife and forests.

Plant A Tree Today Foundation

Tiger kingdom proudly supports the ‘plant a tree today foundation’ and is actively working on restoring the habitat of wild tigers in Thailand. The aim of this foundation is to also combat climate change and work towards preserving the habitat of various wild animals. The foundation is actively working on the forest and productive land by planting native trees that thrive in the local environment and also helps in regeneration of the soil. This act is supposed to bring back the forest and restore the biodiversity that has been lost in past years. This also eats in engaging local communities and preserving the culture as well as benefiting them from these resources.

Conservation Community

The conservation community is an open place where people of similar views come together to support the global conservation efforts in the region. This community aims to encourage the local people and those all around the world to support the cause of conservation and help in restoring biodiversity and wildlife. It provides financial assistance to conservation projects and educates the public about these projects so as to spread awareness. The major projects the community focuses on is the forest ranger training in Myanmar which is going to help in stopping the wildlife poachers at the front line.

Conservation Through Education

The conservation through education program uses the knowledge of biodiversity, global climate change, and other incidents to influence a positive change within the community. This process includes influence in people's attitudes, knowledge and behaviour related to wildlife and forests. Skilled educators and interpreters use the techniques, methods and assessments to impart awareness and knowledge about conservation efforts to the people. This education program takes place within the park and they also invite local school children regularly for the educational lessons.

Know Before You Visit Tiger Kingdom

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: 118/88 Moo 7, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand

Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Sunday

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the tiger kingdom is during the early hours in the morning around 9 AM. This when the tigers are most energetic and friendly. Guests will also be able to play with them without them getting irritated or lethargic. So to ensure a comfortable and entertaining visit, guests should use their tiger kingdom tickets for an early morning visit.

By Bus: The best way to reach the tiger kingdom from the central Phuket city is by the local blue bus. The fare of these open air buses ranges from THB 30 to THB 50.

By Taxi/ car: Visitors can also avail taxi or rental car services from anywhere at the Patong Beach or the Phuket city. The Tiger kingdom is a 15 minute drive from the beach while it may take a bit longer to reach here from any other part of the city. This is expensive but the most comfortable means of transport.

Tips To Visit Tiger Kingdom Phuket

  • It is advisable that guests visit the tiger kingdom during early morning hours on weekdays. This is the time when the park is not shouted and the tigers are all up and energetic.
  • Visitors should definitely carry a camera to click pictures with the Tigers if they do not want to buy the professional photographs.
  • It is best to book the tiger Kingdom tickets online in advance to avoid standing in long waiting lines at the venue.
  • The tigers do not remain still for a very long time and therefore it is best to click the pictures quickly.
  • Avoid using flash while clicking the pictures as this might irritate the tigers.
  • Wear comfortable and sensible outfits in which you can leave and jump up as required while interacting with the Wildcats.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring outside food and can enjoy meals at the on-site restaurant.
  • People who are not physically fit or suffer from some health issue or advised to not visit the tiger kingdom and take unnecessary risk.


What is the minimum age required for visiting Tiger Kingdom?

The minimum age requirement for the tiger kingdom in Phuket is eight years. Children below the age of 16 have to be accompanied by adults at all times. Also children below 16 cannot play with the Tigers but can definitely spend some time with the cheetah at the tiger Park.

Can we feed the tigers inside Tiger Kingdom?

Yes, visitors can feed the tigers inside the tiger kingdom. However it is advisable to ask for professional guidance before doing so. Also the tiger feeds on a fixed time and the guides will let the visitors know about the same.

Are we allowed to take our belongings inside the enclosure?

No, guests or not allowed to take their belongings inside the enclosures. This is to avoid any incidents that might upset the Tigers or make the interaction go wrong.

Are we allowed to shoot photos and videos with tigers?

Yes, guests are allowed to shoot photos and videos with the tigers. Additionally they can also purchase professional photographs with their tiger kingdom tickets. If they do not wish to purchase professional photographs then they can opt for bringing a camera along with them.

What makes Tiger Kingdom so famous?

The tiger kingdom is a unique and interactive experience for people of all ages. Guests can play with the wild peas in a safe and comfortable environment. The tiger kingdom also works on conservation and protection of these by teachers and their habitats.

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