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About Tribhum

Discover Thailand's first adventure theme park, which features a variety of exciting rides and entertainment. Through carefully crafted statues, learn about a variety of famous Asian urban legends. The Underwater World, the Magic Forest, and the Silver Mountain are three different park zones to enjoy. Inside the 4D dome cinema, watch amazing stories about Thailand's magical creatures.

Tribhum in Phuket is the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park. The adventure park is a fusion of thrilling rides, storytelling, and a 3D virtual experience of a mythical world. The adventure theme park is based on three mythical worlds, the magic forest, the silver mountain, and the underwater world. Tribhum is most famous for its storytelling and it will never fail to amaze you with fiction and stories.

There are many acts and shows that are performed live, based on interesting and thrilling concepts. These shows and acts are very educational and entertaining. If you are an adventure junkie, then there are many enthralling rides for you, the best and the most famous being the silver glider. You will be gliding around the mountain above 200 m from the ground at a speed of 45 km/hr.

Why Book Tribhum Tickets?

Make sure to purchase Tribhum tickets while planning a vacation to Thailand as it will help you skip the long queues as well as help you get loads of discounts on the tickets. The world's first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park, Tribhum, is located in Phuket. This theme park surpasses all expectations by transporting you to another universe. Meet the magical characters and enjoy some outstanding performances.

Inclusions of Tribhum Tickets
  • Witness yourself in the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park and meet with the mystical characters all through the park.
  • Enjoy the mysteries, watch the various small performances, and get to interact with the exhibits.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity of speaking to the Talking Tree and watching the Kinnarees perform live.
  • The unique installations will leave you spellbound. The storytelling is very unique and you will have an enlightening experience of Naga and Garuda.
  • Explore the Tribhum Park
  • Explore the 3D adventure park and experience something very unique and thrilling.
  • Watch various performances
  • You will get to watch some performances that you have never seen before.
  • Admission ticket to tribhum theme park
  • Tribhum tickets give entry to one person per ticket.
  • Silver glide ride
  • Enjoy one of the most thrilling rides, the silver glide ride with a silver glider package.

Package Options Available At Tribhum

Tribhum in Phuket is one of the most interesting places to visit. This is a 3D adventure theme park. This is a three-dimensional adventure theme park. This is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. Tribhum tickets are divided into three categories. However, the experience you will have with these tickets will be well worth your money.

Entry Ticket Only

The entry ticket only package is the cheapest ticket out of the three packages of tribhum tickets. In this package, one person can have entry into the adventure theme park per ticket. In this package, you will get to witness the entire theme park and watch some performances.

Inclusions:Activities:- Explore the entire 3D walkthrough adventure park.- Get to watch some stunning performances.

Tickets:- The tribhum tickets ensure entry of one person per ticket.

Entry Ticket With Adventure Cruise

Another category of the tribhum tickets is the entry ticket with adventure cruise. In this package, you will get entry to the theme park, one person per ticket. You will get to see the entire 3D walkthrough adventure theme park and experience the grasping performances. But, with all this, you will also get to ride the adventure cruise in the theme park and get to know the story of the Naga king in the river.Inclusions:Activities:- Experience the feeling of this unique 3D adventure theme park.- Get to watch some mesmerising performances in the theme park.- Lose yourself in the story telling about the Naga king.- Ride the adventure cruise on the river and meet with the Naga King.

Entry Ticket And Silver Glider

The last category of tribhum tickets is the entry ticket and silver glider. This is the most expensive package of the theme park. In this package along with exploring the entire 3D walkthrough theme park, you will be engrossed in the stories and performances. But the most fun thing you will get to do in this package is the ride in the silver glider. You will lose yourself in the mysterious world 200 m above ground and glide around the mountains at a speed of 45 km/hr.

Inclusions: Activities:- Explore the unique 3D walkthrough theme park.- Lose yourself to the interesting stories.- Ride around the mountains and the world of mysteries above 200 m above ground at a speed of 45 km/hr in the silver glider.

Ticket: - Entry to the adventure park one person per ticket.- A thrilling ride on the silver glider.

The Mystical Three Worlds Of Tribhum

Tribhum, the three mystical worlds, is the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park. The themes of this park are based on three fictional themes, the magic forest, the silver mountain, and the underwater world. These mystical worlds will teleport you to a beautiful and mesmerising world from which you will not want to come back.

The Magic Forest World

This is an imaginary forest world where there are mythical characters that will surprise every visitor. This world is full of trees and lush greenery and “trees of truth”. Inside, you will find a character that the kids will fall in love with, the “talking tree”. “The fortress of Touch illusion” is the part of the forest where people will have to go through a vine cave where the “bloody flowers” are blooming. The people who are brave enough to overcome all the obstacles of the cave will arrive at the “magic pond”. The “fortress of greed illusion” is an icy forest where it will teach how to overcome the power of greed.

The Silver Mountain World

This is a fictional world which is the realm of Garuda, the king of all birds. You will find a Garuda Dome which is 360 degrees Garuda castle. The Garuda resides in the dome. From the top of the dome, take in the beauty of the set. From here you can see an animation of the story of the search for the elixir water, being fought for by Garuda and the Naga King. After this, you will have to pass through the “Demon maze”, a fiction where the devil has planned to sacrifice the intruders (visitors) on the moon night.

The Underwater World

Get to know about the mysteries of the underwater world by riding on the adventure cruiser. In the underwater world, you will witness a mermaid, a half-human and half-fish creature. The mermaid is friendly and guides the visitors who wish to explore the world under the water. In this part of Tribhum, there is a Flying 4D theatre that will take you into the depths of the ocean and the forbidden areas. You will also get to enjoy the “thousand firefly tunnel”.

Shows in Tribhum

Tribhum in Phuket is known for its storytelling. The storytellers grasp the interest of the listeners and hold their attention throughout. The stories help people find a different perspective on life and the world. The shows in Tribhum will make you lose yourself in the world of fiction that they display in front of you.

Mechanism Thai Art Live Show

Mechanism Thai Art Featured with multimedia in the series of Naga conquers Demon is one of the most thrilling slows in Tribhum. This Thai Art show is performed live at the Anodard Extreme Theatre. This art show is combined with mechanical puppetry and projection mapping technique. The show is projected on a huge mountain. The story of this act is based on myths and beliefs. The storytelling doesn’t fail to keep the audience intrigued and amazed. This is one of the main attractions in the adventure theme park.

Makalee Flower Show

The Makalee flower show is a dance show that is a fusion of many dance styles. The performers try to tell a story through their dance performance. The story of the Makalee flower show is based on a flower. It shows how a flower blooms into a beautiful young woman. The young woman leaves the hunters and Gandharvas of the mysterious world of forest enchanted. The flawless dance moves and expressions are loved by the audience and are appreciated by everyone. This flower show is performed at the entrance to the magic forest of the Tribhum theme park in Phuket.

Kinnaree Show

The Kinnaree show in Tribhum theme park is one of the most famous shows in the whole world. People from different parts of the world visit this adventure theme park in Phuket just to see the Kinnaree dance show. The show is a dance performance by a girl dressed as a half bird and half human creature, trying to tell an interesting story. The story is about the life of a creature that is half human and half bird. This strange yet beautiful creature is believed to have been blessed by the golden leaf. This made her a target and desire of the hunters in the Neeraburapha waterfall.

Know Before You Book Tribhum Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach?

Location: Central Phuket Floresta G Floor, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Timing: 11 am to 8 pm (every day except Wednesday)

Best time to visit: Tribhum 3D adventure theme park is open all through the year. So, you can visit the adventure theme park any time you visit Phuket. However, the theme park remains less crowded during the offseason of visiting Phuket. The peak season for visiting Phuket is from October to march. So, the theme park remains a bit crowded during these months. So, it is best to visit the adventure theme park during the tourist season.

By Bus: the Tribhum Adventure Park is located just at a distance of 1 and half hours from Phuket international airport by bus. You can take the 8411 Airport Bus from the airport to the theme park.

By Cab: in Phuket, there are many online cab services. These services are safe and comfortable. So, you can reach the theme park by hiring a cab.

By Motorcycle Taxi: in Phuket, you will also find two-wheeler taxis. If you are travelling solo, then hiring motorcycle taxis is an ideal choice for you to reach the theme park.

Tips To Visit Tribhum

  • ID proof of every individual has to be mandatorily furnished at the time of booking and upon arrival. PAN Card will not be considered as a valid address proof.
  • All foreign guests have to provide their passport as well as visa details at the time of booking as well as upon arrival.
  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • There will be the availability of wheelchairs.
  • It is advised to make the infants on laps.
  • Most of the travellers can participate.


How long should one spend inside Tribhum in Phuket?

You can spend as much time as you want at the Tribhum 3D adventure theme park. The park is open from 10 am to 8 pm every day except Wednesday. Ideally, it takes around 2 to 3 hours inside the theme park. But you can stay in the park as long as you want to get the most of your tribhum tickets.

What is special about Tribhum in Phuket?

Tribhum adventure park is the world’s first 3D walkthrough adventure theme park. There are three fictional theme parks at Tribhum. There are more than 20 attractions in the theme park. There are thrilling rides and cruises for you to have fun. Tribhum is the most famous of the stories and the style of storytelling

What is the best time to visit Tribhum in Phuket?

Tribhum 3D adventure theme park is open to the public all through the year. It is open every day except on Wednesdays. The theme park remains comparatively busy during the busy season of visiting Phuket. The busy season lasts in the months of October to march. In the months except these, Tribhum adventure park remains a little less crowded. So, the best time to visit this adventure theme park is in the months of April to September.

What is the minimum age requirement for buying the Tribhum ticket?

There is no limit to age for buying the tribhum tickets. Guests of every age, from infants to super senior citizens can explore this interesting adventure theme park.

Do we have to book in advance to get entry into Tribhum?

Tribhum tickets can be purchased online or offline. The ticket booth at the theme park opens at 10:30 am. You can reach the park and then book the tickets. The booth is located at the entrance of the park on the Ground Flower. It is mandatory to provide valid ID proofs of all individuals while booking and upon arrival. It is to be noted that PAN Card will not be accepted as valid address proof. For foreign travellers, it is mandatory to provide passport and visa details at the time of booking as well as upon arrival.

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