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About Rawai Village

Nestled on the Southern tip the Rawai Village Phuket is a seaside destination and one of the most amazing places to visit in Thailand. The Rawai Village provides visitors with a very unique culture and ambience that they will not be able to experience anywhere else. Unlike the other popular destinations that tourists visit in Thailand the Rawai village locals are still living with a very traditional lifestyle.

The Rawai village is one of those rare areas where visitors can experience and ambience of Thailand. This village is home to a group of people that are known as the sea gypsies and were once nomads who settled in this village on the seaside. The main source of the locals for income and food are fishing and pearl diving as they are situated very close to the ocean. During the month of June and November the village hosts vibrant floating festivals which includes various ceremonies like launching boats to fight off the evil spirits.

The attractions at this village are sparsely spread and therefore it is much easier to explore if one has their own transport. Visitors can enjoy buying fish from the local markets and then ask the nearby restaurants to cook it for them with authentic flavors of Thailand. The villagers also a hub for expensive but delectable seafood restaurants which tourists cannot miss during the visit.

Highlights Of Rawai Village

  • Visitors visiting the Rawai village Phuket in the month of June and November will be able to witness the floating festivals.
  • These vibrant ceremonies include launching boats that fight off the evil spirits and many other amazing celebrations to entertain the locals and keep the Thai traditions alive.
  • Experience the authentic touch of Thailand and its traditional culture that has now become rare but is closely followed at the seaside village.
  • Visitors will also be able to explore the various attractions at the village and places located around it during their visit.
  • The village is known for its inexpensive seafood restaurants which offer delectable options and authentic flavors of Thai culture.
  • Guests can also buy fresh fish from the local market and enjoy this court in delicious flavors at the nearby restaurant.

Attractions Of Rawai Village

The attractions of Rawai village Phuket are sparsely located across the seaside. It is advisable that tourists get their own vehicles or get rental scooters from local shops to comfortably explore these amazing attractions. Since the attractions are spread across the entire village and its surroundings it is best to plan the visit accordingly and with a few days to spare.

Nai Harn Beach

As one of the most popular beaches of Thailand this attraction is nestled near the tip of the Rawai village Phuket. Decorated with white sandy beaches this is one of the best places to spend the holidays and have unlimited fun. Visitors can lay back and sit under the vibrant blue sky admiring the natural beauty of the pristine waters of this beach. They can also get massage services and relax under the palm trees or spend the time exploring the number of shops and restaurants sprawling across the beach. The NAI HARN Beach is also great for enjoying water sports activities and surfing. Visitors will find delightful Thai dishes at the amazing restaurants.

Laem Ka Beach

The Laem ka beach is a hidden spot and a gem near the seaside village, tucked away from the bustling noise of the city. The white sandy beaches attract thousands of tourists as this is one of the best sports for swimming. Sheltered with a number of trees surrounding it, this beach also offers a lot of amazing spots for just relaxing and unwinding. In addition to being a great spot for swimming this beach also has great views of the surrounding areas and is best for family picnics. Even though the beach does not have its own restaurant, guests can bring along their own food and drinks to enjoy a peaceful time alone or with their loved ones.

Rawai Beach

The Rawai beach is unlike any other beach and one of the most visited spots in Phuket. The sunset here is stunning and therefore the most visited time of the day. As it is one of the oldest beaches in Phuket visitors will find a lot of local crowds during the weekends and dinner at dinner time. The seafood at the restaurants at this beach is delectable and freshly cooked. Visitors can just sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful views that this natural heaven has to offer. We can also indulge in activities like horse riding, tennis, beach volleyball and fishing. The coconut bar and restaurant is one of the best places to try authentic Thai food at the Rawai beach.

Ya Nui Beach

Thailand has no shortage of natural vistas and beautiful spots for tourists to explore. One such place near the Rawai village Phuket is the Ya Nui beach. This small Bay Area is home to many amazing and vibrant corals, covering the crystalline sea water. The beach also has amazing stages where visitors can find comfortable accommodation for the night. Guests can enjoy activities like canoeing and also rent flippers to have fun along with their children. The bars and restaurants at the beach are pretty simple but offer delectable flavors of Thailand to the visitors. Among other activities to enjoy at this beach are surfing and snorkeling.

Promthep Cape

Offering the visitors extremely stunning views of the sunset the Promthep cape is one of the most magnificent locations to visit near the Rawai Village Phuket. Visitors will be left in all of the exotic ocean views and the beautiful white sun stretches. Activities like long tailed boat rides or a hit among the tourists offer them stunning views. Visitors can also visit the elephant shrine, the lighthouse and take great pictures of the statue of prince of Jam born as well as enjoy delectable flavors of authentic Thai food. The local street food of the Promthep cape is mind blowing and should definitely not be missed.

Wat Nai Harn Temple

The ancient Buddhist monastery is known for its calming ambience and peaceful environment. The temple built according to the classic religious architecture has white walls with splendid red roof tops, finally garnished with golden details and is a beauty in itself. The structure is located behind the lovely beach on the lake and visitors can enjoy a picnic, take a swim or just relax for hours around the peaceful spot. The Buddhist monastery is open every day from early morning until afternoon and it is best to visit in the morning for a delightful experience. Visitors are advised to dress accordingly if they plan to visit the temple. The surrounding scenery is luxurious and something tourists love to explore during their visit.

Nai Harn Lake

Nai Harn is famous for its white sand beaches and wild exotic beauty. Just a few steps away from the magnificent beach there is an untouched lake which will definitely attract nature enthusiasts. Visitors can take a plunge and dive around the untouched natural beauty as they gaze at the beautiful sky above them. This spot is surrounded by a peaceful silence and visitors can enjoy water sports activities or mountain bike riding on the hills surrounding the lake. This is also a great spot for picnics or just relaxing for a while away from the crowds. The nearby region also has a restaurant and bar where visitors can enjoy delectable meals.

Phuket Orchid Farm

The Orchid Garden Phuket is a delight for nature lovers and even those who love beautiful sceneries. This is the largest orchid farm in Phuket and was established in the year 1975. The farm is home to more than 1500 different species and hybrids of orchid flowers spread across the vast area. Rows and rows of orchids are waiting for visitors to explore their beautiful and fragrant scenery. The beautiful ladies visiting the garden are given an orchid to take back home with them. The garden is open daily from 9 AM to 5:30 PM for visitors. Those who are interested in gardening will be able to learn new ideas and techniques during their visit.

Wat Sawang Arom

Thailand is a rich place of culture and religious activities, offering the tourists with various splendid attractions to enjoy spiritual activities. Even though the island has numerous temples, each temple has something different to offer to the tourists visiting. The Wat Sawang Arom is a beautiful architectural piece with a history of locals that have lived in the village for decades. The temple also has a school for the locals at its ground and Students can also learn image carving at the temple itself. Several Buddha images cover the temple walls in addition to its beautiful carving and intricate detailing.

Windmill Viewpoint

On the top of a hill nestled above one of the most beautiful beaches near the village is the windmill viewpoint. Sprawled across this viewpoint or little windmills which create an extraordinarily charming scenery for visitors to enjoy. In addition to this the viewpoint offers stunning views of the surrounding beautiful beaches, the park boats, and the lush green landscape. The sunset from the viewpoint is magnificent and popular among tourists. This is one of the best observation points in the entire country and therefore should not be missed while visiting the Rawai village.

Phuket Seashell Museum

The Phuket SeaShell museum is a dream come true and marine life enthusiast. The specialty museum has an incredible collection of sea shells brought over from all around the globe. The rare attraction is not found in many countries and therefore is a must visit for tourists coming to Rawaivillage Phuket. Opened in 1997 the museum is now home to around 2000 Shell pieces and is a perfect place to visit for people of all ages. The museum has four main exhibitions which are open to all visitors and provide them with a fascinating collection of a variety of seashells. Visitors can study the history and learn about the various types of shells put on display inside the museum.

Rawai Art Village

The Rawai art village is among the most beautiful and relaxing places that tourists can visit in Phuket. The village is home to many art galleries and studios that display the work of local and special artists. The community of the village is represented by these artists and most of them create unique calories with special paintings for guests to explore. In addition to paintings there are also other galleries of wood art works and sculptures. Some of the famous galleries to visit are the art village or read gallery, Rak Lay gallery, et cetera.

Why Visit Rawai Village?

  • The Rawai village offers a combination of beautiful beaches, authentic culture of the sea gypsies and beautiful landscapes.
  • Visitors can experience the Rawai Dylan during their visit and get to enjoy the culture and art preserved here.
  • The amazing festivals like the floating festivals are a great way to learn about the traditional part of Thailand and experience authentic ceremonies.
  • The Rawai village also has some stunning architectural structures that uphold the history, art and culture of the locals.
  • The seaside village is a great place to taste different delightful seafood options with authentic flavors.

Know Before You Visit Rawai Village?

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: The RawaiVillage is located at the southernmost tip of Phuket, 17km away from the main Phuket city.

Best Time To Visit:The best time to visit the Rawai village is in the months of June and November. During this time the visitors can enjoy the floating festivals which include various ceremonies. One of the ceremonies is to launch the boats to fight off the evil spirits.

By Songthaew: Visitors can take the local transport Songthaew, which is a type of an open truck to the RawaiVillage from the Phuket town. The village is nestled 17km away from the main town.

By car/ cab: Visitors can also hire rental cars and cabs to travel to the seaside village. This is an expensive mode of transport but also the most comfortable way to travel.

Rawai Village FAQs

How far is RawaiVillage from Phuket Airport?

The Rawai village Phuket is approximately 43 km from the Phuket international airport. Visitors can travel by local bus, town cars, taxi or drive on their own.

What is the best time to visit RawaiVillage?

The best time to visit the Rawai village is during the months of June and November. During these months the weather is pleasant and they also get to enjoy the local floating festivals which are a vibrant treat. During this festival they will get to learn about the various ceremonies and traditions of Thailand.

Are we allowed to swim in RawaiBeach?

Visitors can take a swim in the Rawai beach during their visit. However it is advised to keep the tides in mind before taking a dip in the clear waters of the beach.

What is so special about RawaiVillage?

The RawaiVillage offers Visitors an insight into the traditions and culture of the local sea gypsies. This is one of the few places left that preserve the authentic Thai traditions and culture entirely. It also houses many stunning beaches, temples, and offers visitors the most delectable seafood.

How long should one spend in RawaiVillage?

Visitors should spend at least two days exploring the various beaches, amazing restaurants, and temples of the seaside village in Phuket.

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