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About Surfing in Phuket

With a myriad of offbeat beaches, featuring a serene tranquility and unparalleled good landscapes, surfing is one of the many pleasant water activities that you can try-out in Phuket. In Phuket, the Bang Tao beach has the most perfect wave heights that go as high as 3 meters and basically perfect for beginner to intermediate level surfers.For thrill seekers looking to level up their surfing expedition, the Kata Noi Beach on its Northern and Southern stretch has the most pleasant high tide location good for surfing. Not only this, the beach features a surfing school where beginners can register for safe and sound surfing under expert guidance.The Kalim beach on the other hand is another pleasant spot for surfing in Phuket. The beach is also infamous for its night activities like clubbing and beach side parties that you can indulge in. Surfing here can be extremely delightful and its low level yet challenging waves promise you a serene time like never before. The Surin beach is another pleasant spot for surfing in Phuket. The beach house rentals where you can rent the surfboard of your choice and have pleasant surfing expeditions like never before.

Highlights of Surfing in Phuket

  • The Bang Tao beach has high waves that go as high as 3 meters and pleasant rides where all beginner and intermediate level surfers can have a splendid time surfing.
  • The beach with its serene tranquility and turquoise sea with spotless white sands promises you an ethereal time with your loved ones.
  • Register yourself in surfing school and try out surfing under expert guidance supervision.
  • Head onto Kalim beach and level up your surfing game with its high tides and waves in all of Phuket.

Places To Surf In Phuket

There are a plethora of places in Phuket to indulge in a fantastic surfing expedition. The beaches in Phuket feature waves that go as high as 3 meters during tides, the waves and reef break points can definitely level the game of advanced level surfers. If you are looking for good surfing spots, then Phuket has plenty to cater to all your needs.

Bang Tao Beach

Perfect for beginner level surfers, the Band Tao beach features subtle waves that can go as high as 3 meters on its Northern stretch. The beach is one of the longest beaches in Thailand and a sought after location for surfing in phuket.The beach remains moderately crowded throughout the year and receives a crowd of tourists especially during summers. You can also spot a number of cafes and beachfront shacks to relax by posting your surfing excursion.

Kata Noi Beach

The Kata Noi beach is another splendid spot for surfing in phuket. This ethereal beach location has mid to high level wave ranges which attracts a lot of expert surfers and divers. The beach with its soft spotless white sand and pristine turquoise sea, is also the perfect spot to hang out with your friends and family.The beach features a surfing school where you can get surfing lessons from the experts and indulge in the fun surfing activity along with others.

Nai Harn Beach

The exclusive Nai Harn beach features two spots, north and south with different categories of wave catering to all surfers. The north part of the beach features long waves that can go as high as 3 meters and is perfect for all expert level surfers. If beginners are looking for good surfing in Phuket then they can head onto the southern part.At the Southern part the beach has quick and long waves where beginners can accommodate the surfing experience.

Kata Beach

The Kata beach is famous for being a crowded tourist attison for its turquoise and pristine beach views. Not only this, the Kata Beach features splendid 2-3 meter high and quick waves that attracts intermediate level surfers.Kata beach makes its way in the list of good spots for surfing in Phuket. The Kata beach has a lot of beach shacks and street vendors from where you can rent surfboards and have a fun day practicing this beautiful water sport.

Kalim Beach

The Kalim beach is best known for its surfing challenges and competition held annually. Not advised for the beginners, this beach has rocky obstruction and therefore surfers only should try during the high tide. Visitors can witness waves as high as 2-3 meters, with added challenges, making your surfing expedition even more fantastic.The Kalim beach is definitely one of the best spots for surfing in Phuket and also hangouts. Enjoy a lavish evening in its tourist friendly crowd and ambiance.

Kamala Beach

The Kamala beach in Phuket can accommodate all surfers ranging from beginner to advanced level difficulties. The beginners can head on to the northern stretch of the beach, where the soft and low level waves are perfect for starting with your surfing expedition. Next on, the middle region with waves as high as 3 meters, attracts a lot of advanced level surfers for surfing in Phuket. To upgrade your surfing experience, head onto the Southern region where the tiny reef point break can make your surfing experience even more challenging.

Surin Beach

Visitors can also see plenty of surfers at the pristine Surin beach. This is one of most underrated spots for surfing in Phuket. Both these stretches of the beach have abundant waves which go as high as 3 meters and are perfect for your surfing expedition.The Northern part of the Surin beach has low level waves where beginners can try out surfing. However the Southern part with its trick waves and reef points is the perfect place to level up your surfing game.

Nai Yang Beach

If you are looking for good surfing in Phuket then look no further than Nai Yang beach. Here the waves are perfect for all beginner to intermediate level surfers. The unexpected winds and the reef breaks will definitely level up your game.The Nai Yang beach has a 800 meter paddle offshore where you enjoy moderate level waves. The Nai Yang beach however has no surf board rentals and hence tourists have to bring their very own surfboards.

Karon Beach

The Karon beach is another exquisite spot for surfing in Phuket. This beach features easy to intermediate level wave height that is best and ethereal for surfing. The beach has a serene tranquility and good tourist ambiance where you can relax and spend a fine evening.The Northern stretch of the wave has some windy spots with good waves perfect for your surfing expedition. The Karon beach is also rated as one of the best spots for engaging and getting used to the splendid surfing activity.

Nai Thon Beach

The Nai Thon is known for its immensely beautiful and pleasant location. The turquoise sea with spotless white sand is perfect for strolling and soaking up in the beautiful ethereal view of the beach. The Nai Thon beach has constant waves coming in, which makes it one of the most sought after spots for surfing in Phuket. The Northern and Southern spots have deep waters for advanced surfers and the center of the beach with its low water level and windy spots features a good location for intermediate level surfers.

Patong Beach

The Patong beach doesn't feature a lot of good waves, hovering with its low tide and moderate level waves. Well beginners can surely have a great time experiencing surfing for the first time. The beach is extremely famous for its night activities.Post your surfing expedition, you can indulge in a fabulous partying experience at the beach. Explore its busy beach shacks and interact with the local crowd. The Patong beach attracts a huge crowd at night for its infamous DJ parties.

Karon Noi Beach

The Karon Noi beach is absolutely perfect for easy to moderate level surfers looking for a surfing escapade. The beach has pleasant waves, low level tides and a good windy location where you can indulge in a surfing experience like never before. The Karon Noi beach is however extremely secluded and thus a good spot for people booking to spend some time privately with their loved ones.

Tips To Do Surfing In Phuket

  • For beginners who are indulging in surfing for the very first time, it is advised to hire a guide or register in a surfing school for a safe and sound experience around expert supervision.
  • Most of the beaches don't have their surfboard rentals and hence tourists are advised to bring their very own surf boards.
  • Usage of surf leashes is highly advised.
  • For beginners, large surfboards are advised for good balance and support.
  • Phuket has had high sunlight and humidity and hence visitors are advised to wear sunblock and protectants all the time.

Surfing in Phuket FAQs

Why is Surfing one of the most popular activities in Phuket?

Phuket features plenty of beaches infamous for their turquoise sea and spotless white sands. The beaches have good tides, low to moderate level waves as high as 3 meters which are perfect for surfing from easy to advanced level surfers. The beaches also have surf board rentals and surfing schools where you can try out surfing activities.

What is the best time to do Surfing in Phuket?

The best time to go surfing in Phuket is during the tide. The waves can go as high as 3 meters covering the rocky parts of the beach. That is when you can indulge in the surfing experience. The best time is always during the morning hours when the beach remains fairly crowded and safe for a surfing expedition.

Do we have to undergo any medical tests before doing Surfing in Phuket?

No, you don't have to undergo any medical test before doing Surfing in Phuket. However surfers are required to be physically fit before indulging in any surfing expedition. People with heart disease, chronic pain or any physical ailments are not advised to do surfing.

What safety precautions should one take while doing Surfing in Phuket?

  • Beginners are advised to use large surfboards for good balance and control.
  • Beginners should register for surfing school or practice surfing under expert guidance and supervision at all times.
  • Wear the surfing leashes at all times.
  • Avoid surfing at beaches with rocky coastals prone to accidents.

What are the other water activities to do in Phuket?

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Parasailing
  • Jet Skiing
  • Paddle boating
  • Kayaking
  • Sea walking

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