About Aquaria Phuket

The aquaria phuket tickets gives visitors access to one of the best underwater experiences in the entire city. Located in the heart of the city, Aquaria Phuket is one of the biggest aquariums in Thailand and offers guests a unique and magical experience. The amazing destination takes visitors on a wonderful journey of the oceans, wonders and mysteries of marine life.

With over 25000 animals to interact with, this destination is inspired and based on the wonderful and vast nature of the underwater. Guests get to interact with these amazing animals and learn more facts about them. The entire aquarium is divided into 9 various themed zones that range from different forests to caves, bay, and backdrops. The Aquaria Phuket is not only home to marine life creatures but also houses a number eod reptiles in its beautiful zones.

The Jewels of the Jungle zone houses reptiles in its lush green landscapes and the River Caves is home to some mischievous and cute land animals. The largest of these zones is the South China Sea, which displays 500 species of marine life animals and approximately 100,000 animals altogether. In addition to this, the aquarium also houses penguins, sharks, stingrays, coral reefs, jellyfishes and much more.

Why Book Aquaria Phuket Tickets?

The aquaria phuket tickets lets guests spend the day exploring the amazing and colorful marine life of the Aquaria Phuket. Guests will get to learn about the various aquatic animals and their lifestyle. In addition to this, they will also get to interact with these animals and even reptiles that live in the various zones of the Aquaria Phuket.

Aquaria Phuket
  • With the aquaria phuket tickets guests get to explore around 25000 different marine creatures in their natural habitats and interact with them.
  • As Thailand’s largest underwater aquarium, the popular tourist destination allows visitors to learn about the wonders of the ocean in an interactive and friendly way.
  • Enjoy the largest zone of the aquaria Phuket, which is the South China Sea and houses around 500 different species of marine animals.
  • In addition to the aquarium visitors can also get access to the tricky eye museum and there they can enjoy the 4D installations.
  • Get the chance to dine in the midst of vibrant and colorful sea creatures as the popular aquarium doubles up into an underwater dining experience with its in-house restaurant.

Ticket Options Available In Aquaria Phuket

It is advisable that visitors book their aquaria phuket tickets online in advance to ensure their entry and a hassle free experience. The Aquaria Phuket offers visitors various variants of tickets to choose the one that suits their needs. Guests can buy single admission tickets to any one of the attractions from Aquaria or Trick eye museum or choose a combo package for both. They also have family package tickets that provide the entire family access to the popular attractions at discounted rates.

Aquaria Phuket
Aquaria Ticket Only

This variant of the aquaria phuket tickets allows one guest each and lets them explore the amazing underwater world of the Aquaria Phuket. Guests can spend their time exploring the various zones, including the South China Sea, Mystic Forest, Canopy Walk. The ticket also gives them access to the in house restaurant that provides a stunning underwater dining experience. However the pass does not include the meal price and that has to be paid separately by the guests at the restaurant itself.

Aquaria Phuket
Trickeye Museum Ticket Only

The first of its kind, trick eye museum has 3D installations that make for a unique and fun experience for its visitors. The trickeye museum tickets gives the guest access to this amazing experience and lets them click great pictures with the unique 3D Installations. The 3D paintings will be a treat to the eyes and guests can also touch them. A number of optical illusions and painted sculptures create a great experience for the guests.

Aquaria Phuket
Aquaria + Trickeye Museum Combo Ticket

These variants of the AQUARIA tickets and the trickeye museum tickets let visitors enjoy two of the most amazing destinations in Phuket together. Visitors can explore the wonderful zones of the Aquaria Underwater Phuket and also enjoy a unique underwater dining experience. In addition to this experience, they can also enjoy the unique 3D experience of the Trick eye museum. This amazing and creative destination has 3D installations, paintings and amazing optical illusions. The one of its kind museum creates a fun and entertaining show for people of all ages.

Aquaria Phuket
Family Pass Ticket (Family of 4): Aquaria + Trickeye Museum

The family pass is the Aquaria and Trick eye museum is great for family visits and also provides good discounts on the package. The pass allows entry of 4 people together, adults and kids, to the Aquaria Underwater and Trick eye museum. Both the kids and the adults will love exploring the various zones that house amazing aquatic animals and the underwater aquarium. In addition to this the kids will learn a great deal about the exotic marine life at the aquarium. Also, the trick eye museum is a great attraction for people of all ages with its unique installations and optical illusions.

Aquaria Phuket
Family Pass Ticket (Family of 4): Aquaria only

The family pass ticket of four allows entry to the Aquaria Underwater Aquarium, and lets them access the various zones installed at the beautiful attraction. The pass also allows them access to the in house dining experience that provides them the opportunity to taste authentic local flavours with a unique backdrop. Guests will also be able to learn about the various aquatic animals that reside in the aquarium. The place also is home to various amphibians and reptiles, in addition to the vibrant marine life.

Aquaria Phuket
Aquaria + Dolphin Bay Phuket Combo Ticket

The combo ticket is a great way to save time from booking tickets and also offers great discounts to the guests. The Aquaria is an amazing attraction with a unique underwater experience, teaching the visitors interactively about the vibrant marine life it houses. The Dolphin Bay is an interactive experience that provides interactive activities with the intelligent marine creatures of the sea. The show lasts for 45 minutes and lets guests click pictures with the cute dolphins as they perform various activities and shows.

Aquaria Phuket
Aquaria + Simon Cabaret Phuket Combo Ticket

The Simon Cabaret and Aquaria Combo ticket is an amazing experience for visitors that come from all around the globe to Phuket. The Aquaria underwater is a unique location and provides guests interactive experiences and knowledge of the vibrant marine life. This place is divided into various zones, and offers them access to a wonderful mysterious life of the oceans. The Simon Cabaret is a great addition to this deal, a theater experience that is full of dance, music and creativity.

Zones In Aquaria Phuket

The various zones in Aquaria Phuket provide a great interactive experience to the visitors. This place has 9 interactive zones that have around 25000 different marine creatures that call this underwater aquarium their home. The zones also are home to vibrant reptiles and amphibians, and some provide visitors a knowledgeable experience that provides visitors with insight about marine life.

Aquaria Phuket
Mystic Forest

Zone 1 is Mystic Forest and provides visitors with a unique experience of The Himmapan Forest. This mysterious himmapan Forest will take the visitors on a journey to explore both huge and even small freshwater fishes. The zone also includes a planted tank that stimulates rare scenes of underwater biodiversity for guests to learn about.

Aquaria Phuket
Canopy Walk

A unique and fun experience included in the aquaria phuket zones, this Canopy walk lest visitors enjoy the underwater experience in a creative way. Guests can explore the vibrant ocean life from the top of branches at this zone. They will be able to watch the freshwater fishes swim around below them in the warm waters. The treetop zone has a warm atmosphere and is a beautiful scenery to enjoy during the visit.

Aquaria Phuket
Jewels Of The Jungle

Another amazing addition to explore with the aquaria phuket tickets, Jewels of the Jungle is a unique zone to explore in the underwater aquatic. The zone is home to many varieties of vibrant and colourful reptiles that are excited to meet and greet the visitors. Some of these reptiles are way too cute and lovely, and visitors are left in awe of them.

Aquaria Phuket
The River Caves

The river cave zone stimulates the atmosphere of a cave that is full of streams which are responsible for creating many freshwater underwater lives. The protagonist of this zone is the small clawed otters who will definitely take away the heart of the visitors. These mischievous animals live in their natural habitats and visitors will be able to learn a lot about them during their visit to the zone.

Aquaria Phuket
Coastal Haven

The coastal Haven zone is dedicated to the penguins and sharks, two of the most amazing marine life creatures. The landscape of the zone is totally converted by rocks and has beautiful shores for the animals to experience their natural habitats underwater. The swimmers and sharks thrive in this zone and visitors will be greeted happily by them. The zone is entirely safe, and visits watch these magnificent creatures from a distance.

Aquaria Phuket
Stingray Bay

One of the most vibrant aquaria phuket zones, the Stingray Bay is home to a lot of colorful coral and amazing species of the stingrays. The zone provides the creatures with the natural habitat and landscapes and they thrive in it. Visitors will be left in awe of the beauty and Color’s of the zone, and the amazing aquatic life that resides in it.

Aquaria Phuket

The Largato zone is dedicated to the USS ship that sank in the Gulf of Thailand years ago. This zone has created a replica of the same scenario and shows the beautiful scenery to the viewers. The aquatic life roaming around adds to the beauty and rustic charm. Learn about the ship, its history and how it submerged into the water in the Gulf of Thailand upon the visit.

Aquaria Phuket
South China Sea

Another highlight among the aquaria phuket zones, South China Sea is the major spot for the aquatic creatures in this underwater aquarium. This place holds more than 3.5 million liters of seawater to provide the marine creatures with their natural habitat and environment that supports their growth. In this huge place there are about 100000 marine creatures residing that belong to around 509 different species. Visitors will be able to learn about the species and interact with them in a closed environment.

Aquaria Phuket
Station Aquarius

The station Aquarius is a time to learn and step closer to the marine life that is thriving in this underwater aquarium. Guests will get to access the interactive touch pool where they will be entertained by different species of jellyfish residing in this zone. Jellyfish are peculiar creatures and visitors will love to interact with these unique marine life fishes .

Know Before You Book Aquaria Phuket Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach
Aquaria Phuket

Location: 199 Moo.4 T. Wichit, A. Muang Phuket, B1 Floor, Central Phuket Floresta, Thailand

Timings: 10:30 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Sunday

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit this underwater aquarium is during the early hours in the morning. This is the time when guests will be able to feed the fishes. Also early mornings are less crowded and visitors will be able to explore the underwater aquarium at a relaxed pace without the bustling noise of crowds.

Tips To Visit Aquaria Phuket

Aquaria Phuket
  • The underwater aquarium is very crowded on weekends, public holidays and other holidays therefore it is best to visit it during the weekends weekdays for a more relaxed and comfortable experience.
  • Visitors should plan at least two hours to spend at the Aquaria Phuket.
  • The temperature inside the aquarium is quite cold and therefore it is advisable to bring along a jacket for this visit.
  • Visitors will need to provide an ID proof upon entering the aquarium therefore one should always carry a passport or a government approved ID with them.
  • No oversize luggage or large bags are allowed inside the aquarium.
  • It is best to visit the aquarium during the feeding time which is approximately around 11 AM every day.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring any outside food, and it is advisable to feed the animals only after asking permissions from the staff present on site.


Are there zones for kids inside Aquaria Phuket?

    Yes, most of the zones accessible under the aquaria phuket tickets are kid friendly. Kids can definitely spend time exploring the different zones, vibrant marine life and learn about the animals in a unique and interactive manner.

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