About Sirinat National Park

The beautiful and small coastal Sirinat national park covers around 22 km of the coastline and is located at the north west coast of cat island. The park is right next to Phuket airport and is known for its amazing white pearly and sandy beaches that offer a great view of low-flying aircraft while take-off and landing. Also the park is surrounded by amazing resorts and is visited by a large number of tourists from around the globe.

The beach forest is home to wonderful Pine trees, Tulip trees, Tropical almonds, Alexandra Laurel, Screw pine, Ashoka tree and Morning Glory. It also houses a mangrove forest where visitors can witness freshwater streams meeting the sea. The peak season for the lush national Park is during the months of November through May. The park is also home to around 130 bird species that include some not so common birds like tailor birds, broad bills, green imperial pigeons, house Cross among others. The mangrove Forest is also home to various reptiles and fish species in its fresh water stream. Visitors can take part in amazing activities like kayaking and snorkeling or just simply spend the time at the beach enjoying the sun and maybe get a chance to watch a low-flying aircraft. Guests even have the option to enjoy camping at the designated open areas but they will have to bring their own tent and gear. There are many restaurants for guests to enjoy the local flavours and dishes.

Highlights of Sirinat National Park

Highlights of Sirinat National Park
  • The small coastal park is blessed with lush landscapes, sandy beaches and amazing greenery that attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

  • The park is also known for its view of low flying aircraft and is home to many commercialized resorts.

  • The clusters of coral leaves nestled off shore are vibrant and create a beautiful Instagram shot.

  • The Park is also home to around 130 species of birds including some less common ones like the brown wind kingfishers, grey and bus woodpeckers, street breasted woodpeckers, and green imperial pigeons.

  • Visitors can also enjoy activities like kayaking and snorkeling at one of the beaches of the national park.

Attractions Of Sirinat National Park

The lush landscapes of the Sirinat national park are surrounded by pristine waters of many amazing beaches in Phuket. These beaches are major attractions for visitors who are least interested in exploring the wildlife or going through the thick forest. Guests can enjoy stays at the resorts nearby or indulge in a day of relaxing underneath the vibrant sun. Can also participate in amazing water sports activities like Snorkeling and kayaking at the beaches.

Mai Khao Beach
Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao, the longest beach of Phuket island is among the most visited attractions in the National Park. This beach runs along from the Phuket airport to the northern edge of the island and can be described as a pristine location for spending time near the park. The beach was once a beautiful and safe sanctuary to sea turtles. However today visitors cannot find many sea turtle eggs on its coasts. The beach is well maintained and a pristine example of untouched nature. Visitors often spend time relaxing, enjoying trivial activities, and spending time with their loved ones.

Nai Yang Beach
Nai Yang Beach

The beach is one of the most amazing hidden gems in the landscapes of the national parks where new travellers might not easily reach. However this is a very popular tourist spot among returning travellers and is known for its beautiful environment and mini bars sprawling. The beautiful, shaded, and peaceful spots on this northern beach or one of the most liked places in Phuket. Visitors can also get a massage, shop around and enjoy the local food at the coastline of this beach.

Nai Thon Beach
Nai Thon Beach

The Nai Thon Beach is among the lesser known Beach and is located on the west coast of Phuket, near the national Park. Visitors come here to spend a peaceful time in one of the villages located on its coast. Its not very remote and away from the general facilities such as car or hotels. There is no Jetski or parasailing available at the beach however guests will find a few long tail boats bobbing and beach windows can give them a quick ride in the waters. The spot is very popular for Instagram clicks as it is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Wildlife At Sirinat National Park

Wildlife At Sirinat National Park

The Sirinat National Park is home to around 130 species of birds belonging to the local forest plus some birds which migrates every year. The Park also has a lush landscape of mangrove forests and beaches that house amazing marine life. The birds around the national park include some rare species like the mangrove pittas, Nicobar pigeons, brown-winged kingfishers, house crows, grey-and-buff woodpeckers, streak-breasted woodpeckers, chestnut-bellied malkoha, rufous-tailed tailorbirds, black-and-red broadbills, pied imperial pigeons and green imperial pigeons.

In addition to these amazing birds, mangrove forests of the national park are also home to some colorful wildlife like the mullet, grouper, garfish, mangrove pit viper, turtle, mudskipper, monitor lizard, and shrimp. The beautiful beaches surrounding the lush landscapes are also home to some vibrant coral reefs and marine life

Why Visit Sirinat National Park

 Why Visit Sirinat National Park
  • The small coastal national park offers a lot of beautiful scenery to nature enthusiasts and is amazing for those who wish to spend some peaceful time away from city bustle.

  • The Sirinat National Park is home to approximately 130 species of birds that include many rare species and therefore is a great spot for avid bird watchers.

  • The national park is also a great sport for kayaking and canoeing, visitors love enjoying the water sports activities on its pristine beaches.

  • In addition to the beaches, water sports activities, and birdwatching, the place also offers campsites for the visitors.

Know Before You Visit Sirinat National Park

Essential Information
How To Reach Sirinat National Park
Essential Information
  • Location: 89/1 Moo 1 Sakhu Thalang Phuket
  • Timings: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Sunday
  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Sirinat national park is from the months of November through May. During these months the national park is in full bloom and visitors will get a very amazing experience at the beach. They can spend the time enjoying the cool breeze in the lush landscapes, and Snorkeling or kayaking at the beach side.

Sirinat National Park FAQs

How many species of birds are there in Sirinat National Park?

    The Sirinat National Park is home to around 130 bird species. Some of the less common birds found in the mangrove forests are the Nicobar pigeon, Mangrove pitta, Streak-breasted woodpecker, chestnut-bellied malkoha, rufous-tailed tailorbirds, black-and-red broadbills, pied imperial pigeons and green imperial pigeons.

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