Kamala Beach Overview

Phuket is a hub of some of the most exotic and splendid beaches, and Kamala Beach is no exception. Located about 10 kms north of Patong, Kamala Beach is literally unmatched in its beauty and aesthetics. It has an amazing stretch of white sands filled with swaying palm trees and casuarinas, with a calm and relaxed ambience. It is relatively secluded from the main city hub and the crowd is comparatively less as compared to other beaches in Phuket making it popular to simply unwind in peace and serenity. In the summers, people hit the beach to indulge in activities like jet skiing, snorkelling or simply to sub bath.

Kamala Beach is surrounded by a number of resorts and hotels, offering spectacular accommodations with beach views. In the high season, the atmosphere of Kamala Beach gets amazing and vibrant, with people taking part in action-packed water activities. Often the waves start getting more intense and higher at this beach which is why it is preferred by pro surfers. One should also make sure to visit the amazing beach restaurants and bars located beside this beach, to delight in some really amazing cuisine, including authentic Thai dishes.

Highlights Of Kamala Beach

Highlights Of Kamala Beach
  • Enjoy at one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Phuket, which is secluded from the main areas.
  • Simply lose yourself and unwind as you relax in the warm rays of the sun.
  • Take part in thrilling and action-packed activities like swimming, snorkelling, diving, boating and jet skiing.
  • Get accommodation facilities at some of the most magnificent and luxurious resorts, spas and hotels in its vicinity.
  • Throng through the countless cafes and restaurants and take delight in delicious Thai cuisine, along with sampling cocktails.
  • Headout to the midnight market for some of the best shopping and dining experiences.
  • Take strolls along the coastline with your significant other in a romantic evening ambience.
  • Hit other beaches like the Patong Beach, Rayee Beach and Hua Beach which are in its vicinity.

Activities To Do In Kamala Beach

Known for being one of the most tranquil beaches in Phuket, Kamala Beach is also an amazing hub for some of the best water based activities. Whether it's snorkelling in its clear blue waters or jet skiing across it, one can enjoy many such activities which is sure to satiate your adrenaline hunger.


There's no better spot to go snorkelling in Phuket other than in the waters of Kamala Beach. You can come across endless snorkelling opportunities here. You can rent snorkelling gear and indulge in snorkelling all by yourself. The waters of Kamala Beach are more or less clear, and are home to exotic marine species like manta ray, shark species and many more. Moreover, you won’t find the peace and tranquillity of Kamala Beach waters at any other beach.

Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing

Kamala Beach is one of the best places offering some of the most fascinating jet skiing experiences. At the beach, you will easily find a number of private operators that engage in providing jet ski services. Your jet skiing experience won’t be much of a concern, and both beginners and experienced people can take part in it. The jet skiing experience will be simply memorable and thrilling, considering the waters of Kamal Beach. Moreover, since the number of people hitting the beach is comparatively less, you can enjoy sailing in a less crowded area.


Considering the relatively less crowd numbers at the Kamala Beach, indulging in parasailing can be really fascinating and thrilling. Although you won't find many organisers at Kamala Beach, there are still a good number of them you can hire. The parasailing experience will simply be amazing, and the view of the shores, the waters and the adjacent areas will simply be amazing.

Know Before You Visit Kamala Beach

Know Before You Visit Kamala Beach

Essential Information

Location:Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83120, Thailand

Best Time to Visit:The best time to visit Kamala Beach in Kamala Village is in the months of December to February. It is at this time that the temperatures are the most moderate, and there is also prevalence of sunshine.

How To Reach

By Taxi : The most convenient and efficient way to reach Kamala Beach from Phuket Downton is by hiring a taxi or cab.

By Car : You can also choose to travel using a rented car to Kamala Beach which is a 20 min drive from downton Phuket.

By Bus : You can catch a local bus which is not only convenient but also cost effective.

Kamala Beach FAQs

What is special about Kamala Beach?

    Although Phuket is home to a number of amazing beaches, none is of the stature of Kamala Beach. Due to its discreet location, it remains one of the most secluded and tranquil beaches in Phuket. It is also one of the best beaches in Phuket in terms of its beauty and amenities to offer, and is a hit among families. Plus, you can also hit a number of beaches in its vicinity like Patong Beach and Surin Beach.

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